suppose your teacher wrote this report about you…

At the end of the summer term in 1880 here in Britain, one teacher in one of the famous public schools wrote this report of one of the boys in his charge:

‘He is forgetful, careless, unpunctual, irregular in every way … If he is unable to conquer this slovenliness he will never make a success….’

What would you do, feel or say if you had this kind of report?

How would you react if it was for your child, your brother, your sister?

Sadly, this report was for a boy who was also at the bottom of his class at the time.

His name is Winston Churchill.

The boy 👦 who later became the British Prime Minister during the Second World War.

The Prime Minister who led the nation to victory in 1945.

it doesn’t matter

Remarks like these can be damaging for some of us.

But they are only so, if we allow them to.

You see, often times I hear people say that the reason they aren’t able to go for what they call their dreams is because once upon the times, their parents once said they can’t do it. Or that their teachers didn’t have much belief in them, teacher who thought that they’re not that smart.

It doesn’t matter what they say, you know.

But surely, it matters what you say to yourself.

Are you hesitating to follow your dreams because you are afraid or because once upon the time someone said something that made you believe you can’t?

Think about it.

And most of all…

don’t listen to them

No matter who says what about you, just ignore them.

If what they say can help you improve, then please make efforts to improve and you will.

But if they just say what they say because that’s how far their awareness and experience go, then keep listening to your own genius.

Listen 👂 to your own genius because, as one wise man once said,

‘No one ever listened to his own genius until it misled him.

I know, you are going some place, I know you do.

Some place where you are going to be more useful to others than you currently are.

So confidently, move towards that direction.

It’s the only direction, by the way.

And when they remind you of what they predicted of you in the past, of what you were made to believe that was your limit, just keep smiling. Keep smiling ☺ because you know better. And take it from me, no one knows better about you than you. You’re an expert of you.

Because you know that inside you, there’s an unstoppable person.

The person that can think and achieve almost anything.

That’s the person you should listen to.

Don’t look back.

Forward and upward is the only direction.

Of course, success takes time.

But as long as you stay put, time will favour you actions.

Time will reward you with the enough momentum to help you knock any mountain down. Or else, enough energy to go round and onward to your dreams.

That’s why it isn’t wise to wish for an overnight success.

It’s not delicious.

It’s doesn’t carry that big thrill of expectation we all need to stay focused.

Believe me, you are more than you think you are.

You are more than they think you are.

So use that for your benefit.

But remember, you are living this life not to prove anything to anyone.

You are simply living this life to have the best of it.

You know you are destined for higher places… regardless of what they say.

In fact, when they say you aren’t anything, or that you are an average person, be glad that they say so. Be glad because they are actually not saying that about you, but about themselves.

But also enjoy these moments because deep down, they help you grow and excel with an even bigger determination. The determination to make sure that you cross the finish line ready to celebrate 🎉 it all.

Friend, all the best.