looking for an answer


How do we define it?

Is it a present as some would like to say?

Is it a mystery that we’ve to try to figure it out.

Or is it a question that we are to answer by the choices we make?

Is it a training field to those who want to go to heaven?

Or is it about happiness, peace of mind and the like?

You know, I’m not going to give a definition to what life is as I don’t think I have the answer that qualifies to be an academic or quotable definition.

But I know one thing: that we are all somehow trying to find the answer.

Whatever life is, we are all trying to find the answer that’s satisfying enough to give us a reason to wake up and do what we’ve got to do.

In the process of looking for what that answer is, most of us have locked ourselves in some beliefs that where we are, what we know from where we are, what we gain from where we are is all that there is.

In other words, we convince ourselves that finally, we know the answer because we believe that our sources are credible.

So we speak like we know what it is.

And then obviously, we act like we know what it isn’t.

We settle in this place that we call comfortable and safe because after all, all the people we know live in the same place… so it must be the right place, right?

And as a result we become resistant to knew thoughts, new knowledge and perhaps new truths.

But you know what? That’s the same as a tree saying to itself that it’s not going to grow any more because it has grown enough, it has survived enough rough winters, and so now it’s time not to fuss about growing any longer.

You and I know that if this was true to a tree then it’s equally true that that’s the end of the tree itself.

It’s the end because life is in the growth and so once a tree ceases to grow it slowly dies.

As people, smart creatures in fact, we cannot pretend that we know it all.

We cannot say we are in a place where we know all the answers because that’s just not true.

For sure, life is about finding the answers.

But what answers?

The answers to why we are here in the first place.

The answers to why we live the way we live.

The answers to why life is precious – isn’t it precious? I guess it is.

That means, the answers you find are not going to be the answers I find.

That means, the answers that are going to give you purpose and direction are not going to be the ones that give me purpose and direction.

Each one of us finds our answers according to the degree to which one, we have asked the question and two, we have understood the question.

But then, regardless of the answers we find, I think you’d agree with me that this is the common ground:

These answers have to support life.

That’s, more to others and less to no one.

In other words, we are one – no matter how unique we are.

And as we live this fundamental law, we, from time to time, have as well to ask ourselves one more question:

Are we living someone else’s answer because we didn’t want to look for our own?

And even more,

Are we dying slowly because we have stopped growing?

Have a good day.