can’t close your eyes, even if you can’t see it

Ever been taken by surprise from the seemingly sudden changes within your industry or career path? Well, that’s because you closed your eyes.

That’s because you settled and parked your self-improvement momentum.

That’s because you decided not to open your eyes to see what opportunities were presenting themselves to you.

Yes, that’s because you grew lazier and thought you’re somehow untouchable.

But be honest, deep down you know for a certain that change is a sure thing.  In fact, it’s taking place even as you are reading this. And here is the proof.

Check the time… and you’d realise that the seconds are telling a true story. That change is happening.

And we both know that change is inflexible, unbiased,  and it gives no damn thought about your situation. That’s why to most people, change is a bad surprise. And it isn’t something to look forward to. But they forget this, that change must happen for growth to take place.

Only those with open minds will be able to benefit from change.

Only those with open eyes even when they can’t see a thing.