4 quick lessons from the world’s oldest billionaire

At 101, David Rockefeller is the world’s oldest billionaire alive.

And I’m sure that there are great lessons we can all learn from this man – on business, career and life in general.

In the Forbes’ article by the man who hasn’t shaven his beard since late spring… Abram Brown, there are about 20 or so lessons we can learn from Rockefeller.

But four that I though I should share here are:

  1. In business and in life, profit is important
  2. No one should feel guilty about making money
  3. Live free of any regrets
  4. Create something that lasts

Worth thinking about.

The Forbes article is a quick read, so I hope you get time to check it out.

And I share this with you because I know you are interested in learning from the best. So again, here is the link… shuffle to it.

Enjoy your progress!