oh no! what’s happened to my new year’s resolution?

I can’t say that I was carried away by the shouts of life.

That would simply be another smart excuse.

But seriously, what has happened to that well written, well spoken about, well thought-way-before-Christmas-sort-of resolution*? Should I just admit it that I have failed?

Should I just admit that fear 😱 of failure has won again?

Damn… life kind’a sucks. You know, you set goals, but men… what happens after that is totally unbelievable!

Look, it’s towards the end of June already… if there’s time to review, to revisit my New Year’s Resolution I guess it’s now.

Have I lost the fat around my waist as I convinced myself I would?

Have I written that best selling book on how to Google your in-laws?

Have I started that business selling some Chinese stuff on eBay?

Have I told that waitress how much I think I’m falling…?

Have I managed to…

  • get a business partner?
  • to read books on my career/business for 30 minutes everyday ?
  • to make more sales calls to drive the growth of my business?
  • to get a business and career coach/mentor?
  • to improve my thoughts around success, money 💵 and abundance?
  • to be a professional of more initiative, leadership and creativity?
  • to connect with more people who appreciate life, people who contribute more to the world?


It’s half-time.

Soon after this commercial break, 2015 will jump right back in for the second and final action. And as a star in my own movie, I’m going to get a better script. But before that, there’s some more questions I must answer…

Have I done enough in the first half that will carry me through the second half?

Have I managed to create enough success momentum?

If yes, is that enough or should I create a spin for more?

But if not, why?

At this fast approaching second half,

  • I must improve my standards
  • I must keep the scores so that I know how I’m doing from time to time
  • And most importantly, I must have a damn good time doing what I must do

If in this second half I’m not going to achieve more than 80% of my original goal, then I’m not going to set any other goal until that happens. In other words, no more resolution** unless the current resolution becomes a reality.

But if for some reason I made a mistake, or that the resolution is kind of an impossible 🙅 ride to carry me to the other side –  especially with my level of thinking, skills and knowledge, then within the next 14 days I’m going to do something about it.

First I’m going to…

And then, I’m going to…

And lastly, I am going to…

This way, I’m sure to build momentum to accomplish more in the second half 🌓 than…


* The post is written to reflect where most people are this time of the year as far as New Year’s Resolution

** Setting a new New Year’s Resolution makes sense if the previous resolution is followed through. Or else why bother?