Tony Robbins: 21 ways to regain + maintain passion for a successful life

Let’s do it the big man’s way.Image result for tony robbins

And that’s, no passion no progress.

In other words, passion is all about interest, eagerness, love for life, drive and anything that fits along those lines. Let me give you an example.

You see, if you walk down your main city/town and observe people as they move by (I din’t say shuffle about…) you will notice a few obvious behaviours.

There will be those who walk in a brisk, purpose-like pace. It’s like they are going somewhere and they are determined to get there no matter what. They don’t have trouble to smile. It’s actually part of their life. And there’ more.

These people respect other people – no matter who or what they are. They seem to radiate the words, ‘I’m important, and I’ll treat everyone equally important’.

Of course, if you look closer, you’d see another group of people who seem to have all the time in the world. They seem not to be going nowhere. They aren’t on any special quest. Life is somehow boring to them. There is nothing so special out there to progress to.

These people would tell you that if the government would do something, life would be better. But they aren’t doing anything themselves. They don’t do anything because they believe that their power is somewhat limited. And here is another interesting thing about them.

If you talk to them, they know it all… so they don’t want to learn anything else. Books? Don’t ever tell them about books. To them books are simply ways of making others rich. So they don’t buy no books. The only thing they read is newspapers… to see how unjust this world is.

But you know what? There is some good news.

If you are reading this, I’m sure you are on the first group. The group of people who know that growth and continuous improvement is what life is all about. People who are passionate about all the possibilities of life.

Now, let’s see what Tony Robbins has to say about regaining or even on super charging your passion in life. Are you ready? You better be. Let’s do this.

1. Spend time with people who are passionate about their lives

People who are alive.

People who look forward to the next level.

People who talk about nothing but progress.

People who will throw the ball back at you the way you’d throw it to them.

People who will dare to ask you the hard questions.

These are the people you should join.

They should be your best friends.

2. Feed your mind

To learn more opens the doors for earning more.

Learning is like water to a sunflower seed.

The more water the seed gets the faster it grows.

The more you learn the more you grow.

But learning is as well realising that there’re wise people who lived before you. And as you humble yourself when it comes to learning, the more you’d learn.

And remember to learn from the best.

3. Set and update your goals

If there is nothing you are aiming for in life, then you’d only get what others throw at you – nothing more.

Goals give us purpose.

Goals give us the reasons to wake up in the morning.

Goals are what keep us alive.

Always be on to the next one.

Because it’s the anticipation of the next one that recharges our passion for life.

4. Prime yourself for progress

Tony Robbins has what he calls the hour of power.

That’s, the first hour in the morning or before he does go on to the stage.

Now in this hour he encourages in himself the mental state he wishes to be in.

There are a few posts I have written about priming here.

Or if you would like to learn more, there’s an article on priming by a successful self-improvement blogger, Steve Pavlina.

5. Increase your contribution

Now most people want more in life but then they aren’t ready to give more.

Tony Robbins says there’s only one sure ticket to the top – more contribution that really makes the difference in people’s lives.

If you can inspire progress in others, if you can teach others how to set and achieve their goals, if you can help more people improve their careers and grow their businesses, then you are on.

6. Don’t fit in somebody else’s plan

That’s pretty powerful, isn’t it?

So the solution is to become a leader by developing your own plan.

This is where goal setting comes in.

But also, learning from the best so as to be able to design a strategy for your progress… the strategy that works.

7. Look for super successful mentors – not average

Do you think it’s time for you to get a mentor?

Do you think you’d like to have a career coach who would help you stay on track?

Well, Tony says that’s a good idea. But go for the best not anyone who is average.

That saves you years of pain and failure.

8. Seek and you shall find… but what are you seeking?

This takes on from the point on setting big goals.

And so once you’ve set the goals, seek for support, seek for the ways to make your goal a reality, seek for a mentor… and you shall find.

Actually, this is a universal law. No one ever searches who never finds.

9. Give life a new meaning

Here is the truth according to Tony.

No one is screwing you up other than yourself.

So rather than thinking that people do you wrong, or people screw you up, think differently… Think differently because that’s how you develop the passion to a different life. Well, better life if that’s what you mean by different.

10. Treat the end as if it were the beginning

The problem that most of us experience in our relationships, (and remember that relationships are important) is that we forget to treat them as if they are at the beginning.

Once we learn to do that, we sort of give our relationships new meanings. But there is more.

Whenever one chapter of our lives comes to an end, we then shouldn’t cling on to that as if it were the only chapter.

We have the power to open the new chapter, to give life a new meaning – as we please.

So no hanging on to the old meanings, the old chapters.

11. Use pain to motivate you

The number one reason that most of us don’t want to give a go to what might revolutionise our lives is the fact that we aren’t ready to experience pain.

But then most of the time, as we look at the lives of those who didn’t avoid pain, we see something interesting. We see that most of the pain is not even real.

So get real and move on. If pain means gain then let it be. But if pain means lesson learned, that’s even better.

12. Don’t put up with what doesn’t push you forward

In other words, don’t ever settle.

Now this relates to the point number 11 above. Once people get scared, hesitant and not that ready to face their fears what happens is they settle. They put up with things that deep down they don’t like.

They do the jobs they hate.

They stay in relationships that doesn’t support their growth.

Don’t settle. Move on to what gives you meaning. The meaning that you’d do anything for it, even for free.

13. Don’t use the old growth strategy for your new goals

This is important… well, all of the points above are. But then here is the thing.

Old strategies give you old, already known results. The results that perhaps define your life right now.

So for better results then you need to develop new and better strategies – alongside with new, bigger goals.

These will give you the drive you want.

Because that’s where the passion for life is.

14. What’s your story?

What do you tell people more about?

What is it that you believe in… that defines who you are?

Remember, the story that you decide to believe and tell others about takes care of your life.

Tell a new story.

Tell a story you’d like to see.

15. Stay strong beyond January 2015

Apparently, when most people who set New Year’s resolutions they give in by January 15th. Why?

Because of lack of willpower. And the only way to beat that is turn a willpower into a habit by focusing on what you want step by step in your mind. This gets your mind in gear that can help you achieve your goal, your resolution.

But there’s something else here that is good to point out.

That’s, most people who set goals forget about those goals within days. And what I’ve found to be useful myself is this: if it’s a new habit, then practice it every single day.

I wanted to turn writing often into my new habit. And while most of the time I was feeling like procrastinating, I decided to sit on my desk and write, hear this, rubbish, rubbish, rubbish… to make a 1000 words.

As a result, I felt silly to simply sit there and write rubbish, rubbish… and so I tried my best to write something useful instead. And now, well, I don’t even think or even try, I just write.

Develop what works for you to stick to it.

16. Be happy

If you ask most people what they want most in their lives, most of them would tell you that they want to be happy.

But according to Tony Robbins, these people are the ones who end up miserable. There is a reason to that.

These people think happiness is something to pursue. But happiness is what you become when you embrace the path of continuous progress.

Ask anybody who loves life and they’d tell you this,

They feel great after doing what they love. And most of all, they feel great when they move on to the next bit.

You want happiness? Progress is the answer.

17. Don’t work to change things

That’s right… forget about changing things and situations. There is no end to that.

But instead, focus on progress (well, it seems like the life of progress answers almost everything).

Progress will put things right.

Progress will give you energy to do the impossible.

And that, as history is a witness, is the only way that change has happened in this life.

18. Aim to be the person who adds more value than anybody else and life will take care of itself.

I don’t think there’s anything to add to that.

It’s by contribution that we get what we want in life.

19. Money… well, master the game

If you don’t know yet, Tony has a new book with the title Money: Mater the Game.

I have read, heard and watched reviews about it and I know that it’s a great book.

I’ve ordered mine because I want to learn more and also to know what the top people in the world know about money.

20. Capitalise on the power of compound effect

This is one of the lessons found in his new book… but if you look closer, you’d know that this is an old knowledge that shows how a small investment can pay off big time in the long-run. Let me give you an example.

If you make time to read for 30 minutes a day, then in a month you’d read about two books.

And if you think about it, this same simple practice can get you ahead of everyone else in your industry/career/business within a single year.

21. Ignorance will hurt you

What a point to end this, rather, long list.

They say, you don’t know what you don’t know. And that the only way to know what you don’t know is to expand your comfort zone.

In other words, the answer is in learning more. Charlie Tremendous Jones wrote in his book Life is Tremendous that if we expose ourselves to more, better and different ways of life then we add more keys to our lives, the keys that one day will help us open anything we want.

But just playing dumb, living as if knowledge and skills are locked away by others is usually not that helpful.

As you’d know, majority of people in the world are living the lives they don’t want to.

But how many are prepared to learn more, to smash down their ignorance so that they can improve it all in their lives?

Well, don’t one of them.

I hope you found this post somewhat useful. And if that’s so, please share it with others who may find something of value to enrich their lives, too.