when the student is ready, progress takes care of itself

Do you know that line that says,

If you still blame your parents for what your life has become, you haven’t left home?

I’m not so sure who said that, but there’s a great lesson if you think about it.

In the world of continuous self-improvement, it’s hard to really embrace the path and grow if all we do is look back and blame what happened, what was said, what was not given… and anything in those lines.

I don’t know one person who is fast progressing in life but who still looks back and tells the story about that unfortunate upbringing or something.

The two don’t go together.

The two aren’t brothers.

Our growth in life, whatever path we choose, is not about living in the past, or even thinking that the past somehow slows us down as we stride to our future. That’s nonsense.

If it’s time to progress it’s also the time to forget about what happened in the past and what didn’t happen.

By all means learn the lesson you ought to learn. But don’t forget that continuing to look backward is a sure way to end up in a ditch.

So we must look forward. We must invest in what’s ahead of us. But then there is something else.

The life of continuous self-improvement is the life of understanding that, wiser people have lived before you. And that, their knowledge, their rich thoughts are accessible.

That means taking the student’s seat 💺, ready to learn.

Because that’s what life is about. Continuous learning. And yes, learning from the best.

When we come to know this, and to live by it, then we become unstoppable. And who will dare tell us that we can’t do what we want to?

And who can dare convince us that our dreams are too big?

Absolutely no one.

When we know that we are made for growth, and that life is about growth, about progress, about more and not less, then we start to live.

That’s when we see no boundary because all we have to do for now is progress… and everything else will take care of themselves.

That’s when all the rewards of life flow our ways because that’s all they are, rewards.

Rewards for staying on the path of progress

Rewards for supporting other people’s progress

Rewards for adding to life, to prosperity, to ourselves.

But before rewards we must first be ready to learn.

We must be ready to learn like good students. Only that this kind of learning doesn’t stop.

Well, when the student is ready progress is automatic. Automatic because there is no more actions in the manner of trying, but only inspired actions that are unstoppable.

When the student is ready, life gets a purpose, and the purpose gets momentum and the momentum produces tremendous results.

Well, I’m ready.

Are you?