the little secret that makes some people unstoppable when it comes to achieving their goals

Could this be the answer you are looking for?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be relentless and with turbocharged drive… while others can’t even get started?

Some people seem to be on some kind of super-motivational-drug that pushes them in to achieving their goals no matter what. But most people however, remain in their half dead half alive beds. Now hear this, these people aren’t dumb.

As a matter of fact, they know what it’d take them to live their dreams. They have read a dozen or more books on how to do it. But then why aren’t they going nowhere? Why do they remain at the start line instead of charging on to the finish line?

Well, the answer may surprise you. It might even make you click away thinking this is all too simplistic. But do your research and see what your findings tell you, because I’m sure that what I’m about to share is one of the answers you’d get.

And the answer is know-why… not know-how.

Most of us have been to some sort of school to learn the how. But unless we know the-why, we have our place at the very best, within the circles of those enjoying an average life. Now we both know that people don’t respect average people.

Because average is poverty.

And poverty is having the presence that doesn’t count. Do you want the presence that count? I know I do. I want to be part of the good change for the society.

The change that supports people, the change that encourages greatness in each one of us. I want and I’m, day by day, becoming that kind of change. That’s why I’ve to constantly review my why.

your why can be anything

You know, people think their why have to be all positive sort of slogans that when you sing it a baby falls asleep. Well, that can be part of it.

But as far as most successful people I’ve come to know about is concerned, your why can even be to prove to those who doubted you. If that is enough of a drive in itself for you, run with it. Go achieve what you want and say to them ‘in your face, losers!’ – well, if you are courageous enough to.

I know of Wincton Churchill school reports that were rubbish.

I know of Sir. Richard Branson whose teacher gave him an early warning that he might end up in jail.

I know of Darren Hardy who had to prove to his dad that he is the man.

I know of Napoleon Hill whose family told him to get a really job as he toiled day and night to get his law of success philosophy out to the world.

I know of Lord Sugar whose parents were simply cold at him who and even thought he was simply an accident kind of child.

I know of Michael Jordan who wanted to prove to his coach that he was wrongly cut from the team.

Get your why from anywhere, I don’t care where… even from you boss, if you have one. I don’t. Because when you know why, you will learn the-how with the speed of a genius. This is why I say that the person who knows his/her why is almost unstoppable.

I don’t care what skills you have, whether you went to Harvard Business school or you went to a simple evening college, but if you don’t know why you want to achieve more in your life, then there is no way you’ll ever achieve more as you might think you are capable of.

Napoleon Bonaparte wanted to follow along the lines of great leaders like Caesar, and what did he do?

He learned all that he thought he had to learn, he literally copied and pasted habits and strategies from those he admired, he filled himself with unstoppable drive and in the end, he wrote his name in the unforgettable books of history.

Do you want to get your why from the immortals like Napoleon? Do you want to get it from the living legends? Or do you want to get it from those who can’t just keep their mouths shut? Well, it doesn’t matter where, you can always find one fit for you.

And if you think that you are one of the few who don’t have an obvious why? Then here is a simple advice to follow from George Bernard Shaw,

People who get on in life are people who look for the circumstances they want and if they can’t find them they make them.

So go on, make your why.

Exaggerate it if you want, give it its own drug while you yourself you stay sober… Go create one. And make it drive you to the furthest corners of the earth, the sweetest corners you’ve always wanted to reach in your life.

Life isn’t that long, you know…

Most of it, these days, is spent online, asleep, and on watching breaking news that has no end. Instead, find your why, and let it give you a decent ride to where you think you belong.


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