on the road to #success, copying and pasting is acceptable… but then where should you copy from?

If you are ever serious about taking your life to the whole new, better, higher level, then this is the one things that you’d do without miss:

You’d make sure that each day, you make effort and time to learn from the best.

Now there are a number of ways to do this.

First, you can change your environment.

This is by,

  • changing your friends
  • by changing your work
  • by changing your routine

This change of environment will help you develop new language. But why is the language important? Well, it’s important because language shapes our beliefs.

The language we use to tell the story we think and believe to be true has a profound effect on our lives. This is because we use this language everyday. Even in a matter of hours we repeat it several times. In fact, most of this language is so imprinted in our minds that it plays automatically.

The best, those we look up as the most successful speak the language of progress,

  • the language of growth
  • of happiness
  • of possibilities
  • of winning
  • of doing more
  • of contributing more
  • of giving
  • of learning
  • of supporting
  • of encouraging
  • of persistence
  • of stamina
  • of relentlessness
  • of deserving
  • of confidence
  • of love
  • of joy
  • of peace…

They know why telling their lives’ stories along these lines adds energy to their lives.

They have personal experiences with this kind of language… and you know what happens when you know something works? You work it even more. You learn to rely on it. That’s what these people do.

Today, as we have an even better access to the great knowledge and skills than any time in history, each one of us can learn from the best – regardless of our unique career paths.

The second way to learn from the best is to ask for their help.

The best amongst us would like to let you know that, asking for help is a good thing. And that they only appreciate it. But you know why?

Because they are just human beings like you and I. Their ego is ever with them. The moment you ask them for help you are actually saying to them that they are important people. Who doesn’t like to be important? So well, as long as you manage to get a time slot in their diaries, then you’ve got it.

Then the third way to learn from the best is by doing what the best people do.

Now your definition of the best won’t be everybody’s definition. Your definition is yours. It reflects where you are n life. That’s why it’s important that for now, you stick to it…

So, do the best in your definition do some accounting? Then go do it, too. And don’t tell me you don’t have the ability to.

Are your best people also employees? Then find a job and job on like them.

The point is, do what they do until that definition doesn’t fit you any more. Let me tell you my own experience in this.

I remember when my uncle acted like my mentor, and then as I read a lot of books from those I considered the best, I soon realised that I had to go for a new, better mentor. And maybe I wasn’t supposed to, but as courageous as I am, I told him my situation. The result? Well, he didn’t like it very much.

In his little world of relying on his own limited wisdom, he thought he is going to be my mentor for life. There’s no such a thing. Choose your best, out grow them, and then move on to the next level – because, there’s always one.

So do what they do. Don’t just listen to them. Follow what they do step by step. And once you master their ways, get the hell out of there, fast.

And the last way to learn from those we consider the best is to never settle.

No one is the best who settles, because by settling they shrink to not-that best.

But why do people settle for less than they are capable of?

Well, not only because they are cowards, but also because they have one or more of the following issues within them:

1. They are conformists – no enough courage to set them free.

2. They have no definite plan or goal or aim – whatever you call it, for their lives. This makes them fit in other people’s plans.

3. They have all the confusing and screwy beliefs about life: ‘Money is bad, poverty is for those in poor countries’. ‘Ambition isn’t divine, I’m ought to be head not a tail’.

Never settle for anything less than you know, deep down, you deserve. Always stride on to the next level.

One way to know what you truly deserve is by remembering what your big dream was when you were young… long before you learned all the lies that life isn’t all magic.


There’s a Chinese proverb that says,

A day with the wise will serve you a year with books.

Please, do remember that line every time you try to do it on your own. Of course, if you do it on your own you will still get there in the end… but why take a year while it can take you a day or so?

Have a great day!