5 factors that affect your point of attraction

This is a quick post.

It’s about the factors that affect our point of attraction.

By that I mean, what leads to what we experience in life, what we become, where we lead our lives to, whether is good of bad, we get it all by doing these things.

So if we do them well, we get the better fruits of life.

But if we pick the other end of the stick, we gain pain, we regret, we live in fear, we feel unfulfilled…

So here we go, the factors that affect our points of attractions are:

1. The story we choose to tell and the language we use.

Because that’s what adds to our subconscious mind.

The mind that acts like a computer software.

If we change that, we can change everything – well almost everything.

So… tell not the story you already know it has happened (unless you want more of it)

Instead, tell the story you want to see happen.

It works every time.

2. The people we interact with.

If they suck, then we suck as well.

But if they are those who are in motion to better, bigger things…

Then we get in motion as well to better and bigger.

So… review your relationships.

3. Living in the past.

You’ve nothing to do with it.

Yours is the direction you want to go. Plan it.

Because if you don’t, you end up getting a ride on someone else’s plan.

4. Conforming to whatever shows up.

Courage is what you need, develop it over time.

It’s like a muscle.

Get fitter at it.

5. Choosing comfort zone as your home.

Biggest barrier to most people.

If you can’t expand your comfort zone… getting it to newer territories, then you’ve struck out.

Growth doesn’t happen unless we smash it to the unknown.

Have a good one.


5 thoughts on “5 factors that affect your point of attraction

  1. I have a question. The first factor is the story we tell. So what happens if a person has had health problems they are getting worse instead of getting better. Is that person not suppose to tell the doctor? The paragraph says that we are not to tell it like it is, but like we want it to be. what happens then? The person should not say anything about what is going on? Please help.

    Thank you!


    1. Julia,

      I don’t know but I kind’a feel that you know the answer but somehow you decided to ask the question. I’d like you to prove me wrong. And while I’m waiting for you to do that, let me give you my best answer.

      First of all, thank you for taking your time to ask this important question.
      Now if a person has had health challenges that looks like they aren’t getting better, it’s because of one simple answer:

      That person is telling more of ‘getting worse’ story than of the ‘getting better’ story. Each morning, they look at the mirror for more wrinkles instead of playing music for more feel-good vibes.

      By telling the physicians does not mean that they activate the ‘getting worse’ situation…

      As far as I know, you can call your doctor and tell them how you are looking forward for their professional help that you believe is going to help you feel better…

      Or, you can call your doctor and complain to them how awful you feel.
      It’s all in what you expect. But what you expect brings you results faster if you attach strong emotions to it. Attach strong emotions of expecting to get better after seeing the doctor… or attach the emotions of getting worse regardless… and you’ll receive exactly that.

      I’m sure you have heard these great teachers talk about the fact that we become what we think about. And they aren’t joking. But here is the truer statement, we become what we feel… and expect to feel in the near future.

      There is no continuation of situation, but a continuation of feelings associated with the situation.

      The hard bit?

      The person whose health isn’t what they want, should not simply try to think about it getting to what they want. In fact, at first, that is going to be a tough asking.

      Instead, they should simply focus on other things that feel better: watch some sports, some comedies, write some great stories of success even if they are completely lies, celebrate healthy and everything that comes with it… even the health of others.

      If they can find something to focus on, something that will steal their thoughts even for 20 minutes… and if they can duplicate that may times in their days… They’ll be well on their way to a different point of attraction.

      I don’t talk about health… even though I’m one of the fittest guys. Every other day I run between 3 and 5 miles. I listen to great music as I run… and when I get back home, I feel exhaustedly great.

      I hope this answer finds you doing great.



      1. Thank you for your reply and no, I don’t know the answer, that is why I asked. I sure don’t know how to prove you wrong but only by saying that I do not know the answer.
        I like the idea of focusing on other things, specially things one likes. That helps, I’m sure. The thing is that I keep myself very busy so I won’t be thinking about my health. I do things I love to do such as crocheting, reading good books, and preparing exciting lessons for my students. But, I have my days when I don’t feel well and I see that my situation is deteriorating and that brings me down. I don’t know, I really wish I could use my thoughts to change the whole thing around.

        Once again, thank you for your answer.



        1. Focusing on thoughts that we think ware going to serve us from the thoughts that we think they don’t serve us, is a bit like getting off the car before it stops.

          Even if we don’t like the ride, we must slow it down to the point that when we walk out of it for another, we won’t be hurting ourselves.

          As far as making the shift is concerned, you are doing the right things.

          Crocheting is great.

          Reading inspirational and instructional books is good as well.

          Preparing exciting lessons for your students is also great.

          These are the things you should do more of.

          If it feels like a thought you don’t want is showing up, go do some shopping for your crocheting materials.

          Then pass try a visit to a great book shop… or even a library, and go through the books you like, the books you are going to buy in the future…

          And if you can, listen to some positive audio everyday – for just about 15 minutes.

          Also, learn to tell lies.

          The lies that are on what you want to see happen. At first, they will feel like lies but just go on with them until they feel as true as your name.

          Whatever adds to your happiness, keep its momentum going.

          All the best, Julia.



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