are you on your way to becoming a millionaire? well, here’s a great video by @BrianTracy of

Well, when it comes to learning on how to make money and on how to live the life of success, I count Brian Tracy as one of the brilliant teachers. I have a genuine respect for this man.

One of the reasons is the fact that he started from the bottom – without education or contacts… and somehow he managed to get himself to the top 10% of the super achievers. That’s inspiring.

He is also known to be super-productive genius… even though he’s a busy business man, he still get time to publish a number of books in a single year.

becoming a millionaire

Now recently, I added this goal of wanting to become a millionaire. It’s not a joke. I’m dead serious about it.

And as I searched around the internet, I found a number of great videos by Brian Tracy. In this post, I share two of them. The two that I find very inspiring and you might as well say, very motivating if you are on your journey to that first million.

(By the way, becoming a millionaire in poor performing currencies doesn’t really count, because in the bigger picture, it doesn’t add to very much. So the only millionaire goal that counts, is either that of US Dollars, British Pound, or that of the Euro. Well, I’m in the UK… so I’m talking about the mighty pound (£).)

The following videos can increase your chances to accomplishing that big goal of becoming a millionaire.

This first video is on how to reprogram your subconscious mind for your first million by the power of auto-suggestion. Yes, it works!

And the second video is on the secrets of self-made millionaires. Enjoy this as well!

Have a great day!