#Monday: only the believers of #success can help you get to Friday without a scratch…

Thank God is Monday!

And so to make sure that in the week ahead you laugh all the way to Friday, then make sure that you are picky on who gets close to you.

To get the support you deserve from those around you, allow yourself to attract and harmonise only those who believe in success.

Those who walk in the path of continuous learning and improvement.

Those who understand that like attracts like.

The people who aren’t afraid to move on to what might shake their beliefs.

People who believe that beliefs can be dangerous… and so they question all beliefs and adopt to those that resonate with the greater good of all. The beliefs that make the world a better place even by a spike.

Because there is the thing, it’s still true that birds of a feather… do flock together.

Flock with those with courage and willpower to keep going.

Have a magnificent Monday!