becoming a millionaire in a year: how hard can it be?


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growing bolder

A few days ago I turned 33.

Now that in itself is just a number, right? But then it isn’t.

When you are 33 and you aren’t a millionaire – especially when deep down you know that you can be one – the number thing turns out to be a turning point, or a brutal teacher if you like. A teacher who warns you of things to come.

The day I turned thirty three I interrogated myself with some tough questions. You see, it appears as though I’ve been living my life without much deeper thoughts.

I love beautiful things of this life. But the more beautiful things you want the more money you have to have to buy them. In fact, it’s impossible to live complete life without money… and big money if you are in the west.

Money isn’t the source of all evil, of course. People’s minds are.

Money is the warm home in the winter, the travel to foreign countries to see and learn. Money is the food it can buy, the education it can provide. If you think about it, some elements of life can be bought with money. Money is what defines us as civilised people. Civilisation is better enjoyed by prosperity.

As I turned 33 I realised that I wanted in my access millions of pounds (£). There is no reason why I shouldn’t… So I asked myself some serious questions like:

What the fork is going on?

Aren’t my children, Mayah (5.5), Kayah (5.5) and Benji (3.5) deserve better?

Don’t they deserve the best education in Britain?

Don’t they deserve to live in some woodland with all types of fruit trees and all the beauty of nature available?

‘Look’, as I seemed to say to myself, ‘the kids are super healthy… they are super intelligent… and are very funny, too. They make me laugh all the time, they challenge me all the time. They love me simply for who I am. But am I doing my best to give them the very best experiences they deserve or have I conformed to what most dads do?

Am I capable of taking them, for example, to the trip around the world… without first thinking about the cost, about the silliness of saving for it?

And if the next twelve months were my last, would I have done enough to secure a better future for my children?

Is it possible to be a millionaire in a year?

If people who aren’t even smarter than me become millionaires, why not me? If they can tap into the universe to get and be what and who they are, why not me?

Reports say that there will be more millionaires in the next few years… I’m talking about self-made millionaires who do it all from scratch… Am I going to be one them? I think I should!

As I asked myself these questions I started to feel different. I started to feel my confidence swell inside me. I started to feel a bit aggressive, too. I told myself, this is it! It’s finally my turn to become a millionaire in a year.

What my little girl, Kayah put together for me on the floor. Awesome, isn't it?
What my little girl, Kayah put together for me on the floor. Awesome, isn’t it?

setting bigger, better goal

You see, as I was holding the fork eating my birthday cake I strangely felt this rage that I never felt before. I even felt like throwing that cake straight to the wall a few steps away from me.

But something was getting clearer in my mind.

I was realising that my goal in life has all this time seemed big but in truth it has been pretty average. How can I justify that at 33 I’m not a millionaire? I have a sound mind, two legs that can run 5 miles every other day (tonight is one of them)… I’ve skills and experiences that creatively can as well be turned into millions – through service.

You know, you may think I’m somehow off the supposedly, sweetness of life – you know, appreciating what I’ve, taking one day at a time and all that… but here is the thing.

Even though I’m seriously grateful for how far I’ve come in life. How much I’ve achieved… but as I turn 33, I’m realising that I deserve a better and a much bigger goal.

There are many reasons as to why bigger goals are important:

  1. Bigger goals force us to grow into them
  2. Better goals help us become better people
  3. Bigger and better goals stretch us and they add the vibes of progress in to our lives

By learning how to become a millionaire I’m sure that I’ll not only be able to provide my family with the best, but I will also be in a position to make bigger, bolder differences in other people’s lives.

You see, we don’t make the world a better place by being average… by living the ‘just fine’ life. But by becoming one of the very rich we as well enrich the world. In fact, it’s the best way to make the world a better place.

for selfish reasons, too

But then there is another reason why we need to set a much bigger goal. And that’s a selfish reason.

This is where you feel like you deserve better. But then as you think about it you realise that you are on your own.

I mean, in order to get what you want, you’ve got to improve yourself. You’ve to do every little thing yourself in order to get to where you want to.

And one of the best ways to get there is by setting challenging yearly goals… goals that we can break them into smaller, monthly goals.

divorce the past

I remember when I used to work for a company, a work colleague asked four of us,

What’s the one thing that you’d change in your life… if you were able to?

I remember everyone coming up with a regret or two from their pasts… but when it was my turn I said the unexpected,

I love my past and everything in it. I wouldn’t change a thing because my past makes me who I am… and that in itself is an edge. An edge because no one has it the same.

But you know why most people wish they could change their pasts?

Because they think that by changing their pasts, they can change their future.

Frankly, I don’t know any lie worse than that. There is no point to hang on to the past. It’s all behind us… and besides, that’s not where we are going. We are on the journey to the future – where we can enjoy the fruits of new choices we make today, the fruits of better decisions we make now.

The future doesn’t get changed from dealing with the past… but by doing and living differently from today. That’s what we are capable of changing.

raising the standards

As I’m making major internal changes so as to become a millionaire in a year, I’ve come to realise that one thing that is certain is that by the time I become a millionaire, I’d be a completely different person.

I’ll have to develop better habits than I’m currently not a master of.

I’ll have to get my thinking sharper and more focused.

I’ll have to become more productive – world class time management and all that.

I will have to constantly tap into the higher powers of the universe for guidance and wisdom.

I will have to raise my standards – from home to the business world.

I’ll have to learn more, too.

I’ll have to find some success tracks of some sort to follow… Millionaire mentors and millionaire role models. Because if you think about it, they say success leave tracks. So if I find enough world class tracks to follow, and if I keep embracing the path of continuous personal improvement, I’ll finally get there.

Just like a  car manufacturer gets newer models of his cars each year, I will as well have to design and develop my newer model. What would that model be at a million-pounds mark? I’ve no idea… but there’s only one way to find out: to go for it.


To become a millionaire on the outside, one has to become a millionaire on the inside.

This is important because we don’t get what we want in life, but that which we are.

What are your goals?

Have you lately had to reset your goals?

Did you have to set bigger, better goals that makes you shiver with excitement the moment you think about them?

Please, feel free to share your thoughts.

In the meantime, have a great day!