becoming wealthy by the power of inspired actions, affirmations and visualization

Why is it that most people feel uncomfortable when you talk about some specific financial goals?

Is learning how to become rich something we aren’t used to talking about?

You see, when I tell people that I’m on my way to become a millionaire in a year through the power of inspired actions, affirmations and visualization, they seem to not take it so well. So here is some news for them:

The universe doesn’t care what you want, as long as it’s specific.

If you know it by heart.

If you can sing it day and night.

If it makes you excited.

If it moves your spirits.

If it adds to your stock of enthusiasm, then you have the right goal.

The universe doesn’t care… but if you feel inspired to take action, that’s exactly what you should do.

And if you back it up with some specific, positive and present tense affirmations, then you are sure that you are picking up some speed.

But then what about visualization?

Well, that’s where things get really sweet. Because here is the truth.

If you can’t see it in your mind, then you can’t hold it in your hands. If you can’t imagine it, then it’s never going to come your way.

Visualization alone, is known to have helped many people achieve their goals.

Since I was a child, visualisation, even when I didn’t know it by that name, has never let me down.

This is because visualisation really capitalizes on the fact that we are emitting vibration all the time. What we attract in our lives is directly connected to the kind of vibrations we are sending out to the world.

Send the vibrations that you are going some place, no matter what and see what happens. People will pave the way for you. Let me tell you a story.

I remember one time when I was a freelance copywriter I walked in to a local franchise printing shop to print my business cards. The owner of the shop asked me whether I had any artwork. I said to him that I didn’t. And so he said to me that his team won’t be able to help me.

So he wanted me to go away, maybe create an artwork and then bring it another day. But then that’s not the kind of person I am. And so I told him that he can make that art work for me and I needed my business cards the next morning. I remember his face saying something like, you don’t know what you are talking about. He looked at me as if I was the only one asking for this kind of favour… And then I said to him, ‘Give me a piece of paper…’

On it I went on to illustrate exactly how I wanted to see my business cards. Then I said to him, ‘This is the kind of business card I’d like to have printed… and I will be back tomorrow morning.’ Then I left.

The next morning, he not only had my business cards, but he also wanted me to represent his franchise business in a networking meeting. The thing is, he saw my drive, my determination, and he could sense that in my mind I was saying, ‘Nothing will stop me from doing what I want to do.

Of course, with appreciation I represented his business and at the same time I got the chance to introduce mine to the group of great people at BNI.

You see, we are sending signals all the time. The question is, what kind of signals are you sending? What vibrations would you like others to pick?

Visualisation enhances your vibrations as far as achieving your goal is concerned. Send the right intentions, and you will never be disappointed.

I’ve sent my intention of becoming a millionaire by June 30th, 2016. From what I’ve learned so far is, affirmations, visualisation and actions related to becoming a millionaire are already helping me shift my mindset. And I can feel it that surely in the end I’ll not only achieve my goal but also, I will have improved myself as well. This is important.

You see, whatever your goal is, it’s important that you develop the right frame of mind that supports you to achieving it.

The old mindset has already done its work. It has helped you achieve your old goals.

But now that you are updating or setting new goals, it’s time to upgrade your mindset. This is the only sure way to see yourself well on your way to achieving your current, bigger goal.

in summary

In order to achieve your new, or simply updated goal, even that of becoming wealthy like mine, make sure these are part of your to-do list:

  1. Take inspired actions... and once you begin, get the momentum going, then speed it up. This will favour you along the way.
  2. Create affirmations that can help you reset your mindset to the one required to achieve your new goal
  3. Continue to see it in your mind everyday… Clarify it to the finest detail. Because if you can’t see it in your mind, then there’s no way you can hold it in your hands. I’m talking about visualization.

And if you get uncomfortable because other people are talking about their financial goals, then I think it’s your turn to improve on your wealthy consciousness. Because if you ask me, getting uncomfortable with it isn’t a good sign. But the good news is, the solution isn’t far away… it’s within you.

All the best.