18 ways to live like a role model

Don’t let anyone pick up from you a different story other than the fact that you are a role model. Because you really are.

You don’t have to be some kind of a Barack Obama, or a local super successful entrepreneur. You just need to stay true to yourself. But there is a catch.

You can’t just sit back and hope to kill it. You can’t just be the average guy in your profession and expect to inspire. You can’t just do what everyone else is doing and call that role model. You can’t be a yes man, or a yes madam… or even a fault finder and still hope you are a good role model.

You have to better yourself to continue to be one. A role model, my role model, if you want to be one… you have to have courage, swagger, boldness of character, a person of setting and achieving goals, a person who feels unstoppable, a relentless kind of spirit.

I don’t care if you are in the law of attraction or not, but if you just want to sit and visualize it without taking massive actions towards what you want, then how can you tell me that you believe in yourself? How can I, or anyone else believe in you?

If you are a coward and sloppy kind of professional, how can I even think of buying your products or even building relationships with you?

A proper role model, has a swing in his walk, does make things happen. And is not afraid to fail… what is failure to them? Simply an opportunity to find what doesn’t work… so they don’t sit around waiting for the miracle, they move their muscles on to the next thing.

So do you feel like a role model?

Do you feel like you are having an impact on to the world?

Does it mean to you anything that people are watching your every move?

Recently I was listening to the Success magazine CD and I remember Darren Hardy quoting a line from Zig Ziglar that says,

‘Incompetent sales people have skinny kids. Their role model has failed them’

Do your kids see a glimpse of awesomeness in you?

Do your employees see you like a person to rely on, the person who they can count on, the person who know what the focus they are talking about?

Well, let’s hit it with 18 ways to live like a role model.

Are you ready?

1. talk less shit

There is something about the language we use that touches people.

Dale Carnegie said that out of five things that people study us by, the language or what and how we speak in one of the most important.

Let your language inspire, encourage and at times, challenge – only for the purpose of inspiring growth.

2. embrace the path of continuous learning

Because if you are empty inside, they will soon find out.

Feed your mind with good thoughts.

For what comes out of people is what is inside them.

3. make decisions… and fast

People who are worthy following make decisions pretty fast.

Fast because they know that if they are wrong, they can as well change their minds if they must.

Taking too much time to decide is the habit of the average. And since you aren’t one, well…

4. let them hear hope and expectation from your lips

Without telling you, people who are around you, people who in one way or another look up to you, would like to see where you are headed to.

If you see no hope for the future, they will see a hopeless person who can’t even inspire them for little things.

Keep your head up.

5. let them see courage and calmness in your steps

Pressure sets in and you are the first one to freak out.

That’s bad.

Really, really bad.

Show your courage, even pretend to have some if you don’t have enough at the moment.

And stay calm… it’s not the end of the world.

6. set bigger goals and go for them like a winner

A role model who doesn’t set goals that stretch them is of no use to no one.

To become a role model, it is the same as being someone else’s mentor.

You’ve got to have your own journey that you are up to.

Actions speaks louder, you know.

7. act like a champion

Champs don’t have to brag about anything.

They know that in the end, the trophy will be theirs.

But then they do something else, they train harder.

They think smarter.

And they stay relentless.

8. develop an attitude of a leader and not of a follower

Leader take initiatives, but followers just wait for Jesus.

Leaders own things but followers have nothing to show for their efforts.

9. show them the benefits of thinking creatively

In advertising and marketing, those who come up with ideas are called creatives.

But you know what? We all are creatives… because we all have our minds to think and come up with ideas.

A role model record their ideas down. Because here is the thing.

They know that just one idea at the right time could change everything, for the better.

Record your ideas. It’s an indication that you expect more, better, anytime soon.

10. stay productive

Remember, no one wants to follow losers and unproductive people.

Manage your time well.

And have some specific goals on a daily basis.

Because that’s how you build up momentum and long-term success.

11. stay ambitious

Even when everyone else give up to trends and comfort zones… stay ambitious.

Lowering your expectation isn’t a sign of great things to come.

So keep them growing.

Keep pushing the boundaries.

Keep inspiring.

12. speak with grace but impress with enthusiasm

No need to be dull or even roguish.

Life is about dealing with others in good terms.

In that regard, grace and enthusiasm are like magic wand.

Use them.

13. respect will build you

Because when you respect people, they not only respect you back.

They trust you also.

14. appreciation will push you further

Long lasting relationships are built this way.

And good relationships are not only long lasting but also, they can connect us to more success.

15. think contribution

There is no short-cuts.

I don’t care if you are a royalty or a Trump.

It’s only by contribution, by helping more people get what they want that we get what we want.

16. cultivate positive mental attitude (pma)

This attitude conquers everything.

It’s like a secret weapon.

Only that it isn’t.

Now, it’s like a secret weapon because only a few are ready to develop it.

Those who get ahead in life, those who qualify to be role models, they are full of PMA.

17. instil to them that to get what they want, they are in charge of the operation

No one is coming to lay the eggs for you.

No one is going to plant the seeds for you.

Because you know this already, make sure that those around you, especially the young ones, know it too.

18. show them the importance of thinking different

Following the crowd way of thinking leads to achieving nothing more than what the crowd can achieve.

But to think different is not always welcomed.

Churchill did ask,

Do you have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something in life.

And Emerson said,

To be great is to be misunderstood.

So think different, and don’t worry if they misunderstand you at first.

Does that mean you are now a role model?

Well, role model, like success, is a continuous journey to mastery, to excellence.

Whether we know it or not, we are setting examples to those around us.

The support we’d one day expect from them, the relationships we’d want to develop with them, business engagements we would like to do with them depends on how they see us.

Working harder is not the answer. Working smarter is not the only answer. But if we live the life of adding more value, the life of contributing more, of making the biggest difference… well, that’s how we become role models.

Remember, a role model is a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.

Be that person.

After all, it’s for your benefit, anyway.



2 thoughts on “18 ways to live like a role model

  1. Hi Josh

    I liked this role model formula. I have been writing about what it is to inspire, and the need to be inspiring, and you have given me lots more to think about.
    I think the way you have listed your steps in an actionable is very helpful. .


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    1. Anthony,

      I know you’ve written ‘Ant’, but men… I’m kind’a hesitant to use that.

      I thank you for taking time to visit and comment. Your work is great, and I appreciate that you find mine ‘helpful’.

      The truth is, we are all some kind role models… but only those who work on themselves make the best role models.



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