3 easy things we can all do this weekend, things that will give us an edge all week next week

Thank God it’s weekend!

We have done our best during the week.. and now, it’s time to chillax and do nothing, right? Maybe not.

You see, it’s time like this when some get ahead and some lose their momentum. But I know you are one of them who will get ahead.

When most people will sleep longer, drink more and do nothing, you will do the following three simple things that will definitely recharge you and give you the energy you need to smash it all week, next week.

1. spend sometime reviewing your current, big and exciting goal

It’s weekend, so take it slow.

But don’t be one of them people who will do nothing.

This can be your time to review and redefine your big goal.

As yourself some questions.

What should I change about my goal?

Do I need more support from others who have achieved it before me?

What is the one thing that I can learn this weekend that will give me a better perspective about my approach to achieving this goal?

I’m meant for greater, amazing life… does my current goal reflect that?

2. spend more time on visualization

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: I believe in in the power of visualization. It works all the time. Even scientists recommend it.

Weekend it’s time for easy. And that’s why it’s the best time to visualize. But visualize about what?

Well, about your goal… and here is the magic to it:

See yourself as having already achieved your goal.

But if that’s not easy for you then do this instead:

Recall all the great moments you’ve had in your life. When you received that great award. When you achieved that goal that most people thought you couldn’t. The moments when you were at you happiest.

Let your imagination enjoy all that once again. And as you build up the ‘it was so great’ kind of feelings, then jump over to your future and see yourself doing similar things – only now on a much bigger scale.

Relish on that for about 20 minutes and then jump to the next point.

3. cultivate on gratitude

Did you know that you are so much blessed?

I mean, look… you are alive, you are healthy, you have the power to think, and you can even smile on little things.

That alone is enough to keep you gratitude practice going this weekend.

There’s so much to be grateful for… but then you may ask, what’s the point?

Well, here is why gratitude is so important.

The moment you cultivate on gratitude you set a floor under your feet… the floor of which below it, belongs to those who complain and whine about life all the time.

In fact, gratitude is so important that I don’t think I have the right words to explain.

But remember this, because what we focus on is what e attract into our lives… then there’s no reason why we shouldn’t focus on all the good things that has and continue to happen in our lives.

Wallace D. Wattles did write in his famous book The Science of Getting Rich that,

The person of gratitude focuses on the best and so becomes the best.

Isn’t that good enough reason to focus on gratitude this weekend?

I bet it is. Besides, it doesn’t require so much to practise. You can lie in your bed and practice gratitude. You can be driving and do some gratitude… and guess what, I’m writing this and I’m already feeling so grateful for having the opportunity even to share these rich thoughts with you.

Well, have a great weekend.

Remember, by reviewing your goal, by taking more time to visualize and by cultivating gratitude, you are sure to be a better person by Monday. Ten to fifteen (or even more if you can) is all you need to give yourself an edge.

Well, I’m going for a short walk… and on my way, I will practise one of them. Can you guess which one is that?

Thanks for reading.


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    1. Hi Tina,

      Thanks for your time and visit. I’m sure you know that an attitude of gratitude is super healthy to our spiritual life.

      I’ve seen your work at barefoot, very good and uplifting. Will have to spend more time studying it this evening.

      So, what do you enjoy more about your work?



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