how do you inspire into action someone who resembles a dead battery 🔋 – someone who lacks motivation all year round? (the answer may surprise you)

are you easily motivated?

If you are easily motivated into action then you probably are already living the dream. In other words, you already have an edge over millions of people.

You have an edge because most of us are driven to destruction more than we are driven to success. I’m talking about procrastinating and all that.

And so if you are one of those people who are slightly, or even seasonally motivated to achieve their goals, I’m sure you know the burden there’s when next to you are sort of people who are simply flat.

They don’t seem to understand the magic of setting goals in life, so they shuffle along.

They don’t seem to want to know more than what their moms taught them year ago, so they watch the news and all the TV most of the time hoping that they’ll learn something out of it.

You convince them to read a book, and so you give it to them but they either stick it on the shelf or give it to a friend before forgetting all about it.

But then you don’t give up easily, oh no… not that easy. How would they know that you are a driven person? How would they know that you actually care for their growth? So you do something else.

You invite them to a success workshop, or you share with them your goal setting examples so that they can watch and learn, but… but nothing happens. Now because they are your best friends, your colleagues, your relatives… or even your children, you decide to take it a notch higher.

You tell them about the importance of getting a career or a life coach. You tell them all the important bits about it. You share the success stories of those you know who have benefited from coaching – maybe you are one of them… So you do your best sales job trying to make your idea taken seriously. But then… what do they say to you? Coaching is a waste of money.

Eventually, you walk into your room that night and as you lie in bed you try to think on other ways on how you could help these people learn how to grow and excel. You can even see their successful versions in you mind but the trouble is, they don’t see it.

And after a year or two, you realise that you there’s nothing else to do. So you finally decide to mind your business.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to know how to help a friend embrace the path of self-improvement but failed? Well, let me tell you why… it has as well happened to me several times until I learned a new lesson.

People are not like cars that you can simply push, engage a gear, lift the clutch and off you drive. People are unpushable (not a word I know, but you get what I mean).

The problem with people isn’t even the fact that they don’t want to read books, or that they don’t set goals – because there are so many who read countless books and set goals every year but who don’t grow an inch or come close to achieving something worth blogging about.

The problem is much deeper.

It’s not even defined by their levels of self-confidence… because most of them if they faced by death, they can become confident people in an instant.

The problem is not even in their thoughts.

It’s way deeper than that.

These people’s problem lies in their beliefs.

And as far as beliefs are concerned, you cannot change them simply by the power of Napoleon Hill with Think and Grow Rich. Not even by giving them all the law of attraction materials there is in the world.

So the simple answer of how can you help them is this: nothing.

James Allen puts it like this in As A Man Thinketh,

“A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped, and even then the weaker man must become strong of himself; he must, by his own efforts, develop the strength which he admires in another. None but himself can alter his condition.

And Wallace D. Wattles says these strong words in The Science of Getting Rich,

“…do not try to apply your will power to anything outside of yourself.

You have no right to do so anyway. It’s wrong to apply your will to other men and women in order to get them to do what you wish done.

It’s as flagrantly wrong to coerce people by mental power as it is to coerce them by physical power.

If compelling people by physical force to do thing for you reduces them to slavery, compelling them by mental means accomplishes exactly the same thing. The only difference is in the methods.

If taking things from people by physical force is robbery, then taking things by mental force is also robbery. In principle there is no difference.

You have no right to use your will power upon another person – even “for his own good” – because you do not know what is for his good.

what do you think?

If you are a parent, I know what you are thinking.

That this doesn’t apply to parents… because we know what’s good for our children, right? But we don’t. Out there, there still are those parents who ‘coerce’ their children when it comes to choosing career path, choosing life partners and so forth.

We know all these because in the west, there are laws about almost each one of them.

You see, for many years I thought it was good to challenge friends and relatives into personal development, but what James Allen and Wallace D. Wattles say changed my approach.

Now, I think the best way to teach and to inspire others in to action, is either:

1. By teaching those who are ready to listen – just like what Allen says or

2. By showing them by examples… actions speak louder, you know

Apart from that, we cannot do it.

Apart from that, we shouldn’t even try to.

Well friend, have a great day!

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