is happiness the main purpose of life?

‘Dad, I want to be a Professor’, David said to his dad after he graduated from kindergarten.

‘A professor? A Professor of what?’ his dad, David J. Schwartz asked.

‘Well, Dad… I think I want to be a Professor of Happiness.’

Isn’t that great!

A kindergarten graduate is dreaming of a career path – a Professor of Happiness.

I’m sure that if you ask 10 people the simple question, what’s the purpose of life?, one of the answers that most of these people will easily give you is, the purpose of is happiness.

And the thing is, most of us agree with that answer. But why?

Because whatever we want to accomplish in life, at the heart of it, it’s because we think that it will make us happier:

  • the better job we hunt for
  • the partner we dream about
  • the business that we want to start
  • the car we want to own
  • the new home we think of
  • the vacation we plan for…

All these occupy our thoughts because we are convinced that by having them, by experiencing them, we will experience happiness, as well.

And to be honest, we don’t care if that happiness is for a minute or for a whole year… but as long as we are convinced that we will feel happier, or at least not worse than we feel at the moment, then we decide that it’s OK to want it.

We download or buy new songs because we hope to feel happier by listening to them

We go to the cinema not because we want to eat more popcorn (well, I do), but we go to cinema because we expect to add a minute or two of happiness into our happiness.

We try our best to make sure that every single thing around our homes, in our cars and even at work places gives us a sense of happiness. But even after doing all these, at times we find ourselves in a situation, a relationship, a job, a journey that seems to take happiness away from us than.

And without knowing what we are doing wrong, these experiences seem to pop up every now and then in our experiences. A great deal of our lives is full of joyous moments, if it were not for these little hiccups, life would’ve been perfect.

So what do we do?

Well, I think I’ve the answer in a form of a challenge.

For now, let’s call it the 7-days-challenge.

what to do

1. For the next 7 days, no matter what you are up to, resolve to do only that which adds to your happiness. Here are some examples:

> Don’t use the words that indicate you will be happy one day… your happiness start now, today. It doesn’t matter whether you have achieved you goal or not. Just be happy now. There is one guy on Twitter who often tweets a photo with the words: Smile and be very happy. It drives people crazy.

>> Then don’t talk to people who don’t know the importance of being a happy person like you do. Especially if you believe that by talking to them somehow they will make you miserable. If there are these kinds of people in your life, avoid them for the next 7 days.

>>> Make sure you feel happy the first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep. Listen to your favourite music if you have to. Actually, I’d suggest that you choose one piece of music or a collection of, that awakes your happy vibes and play it for the next seven days.

* Lately, I’ve been listening to this one by StaySee and this one by MH Musique when I go running (which is every other day), or when I’m in the kitchen cooking, cleaning or just doing the dishes.

>>>> And lastly, pretend as if you are the most enthusiastic person you’ve ever known. If that’s who you are already then you are 100 steps ahead, already.

2. If you normally pray, or that you know how to, which I’m sure you do… then don’t pray asking stuff to come your way. Just thank your God – or whatever you believe in, for the great happiness he/she has given you already.

Bring all of your expected happiness of the future to your present. Feel them all as though they have already taken place.

Don’t worry about what is and what isn’t at the moment, just do the suggested two things. If you’d like me to tell you exactly why this exercise is going to work then know this, one day in my posts I will but I’m afraid not in this post as it may add at least a thousand more words on top of what we have already.

I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you have a great week ahead.

All the best!