where did you learn what you know?

I’m not saying that what you know is wrong… but what if it doesn’t serve you?

Usually, our beliefs were passed on to us by those who made us believe that they know better.

They taught us what to expect in life.

They taught us whether or not to set goals… and even how to achieve them once we know how to set them.

They taught us how to build better relationships.

They taught us whether to study and grow or to be satisfied with where we are.

They even taught whether to blame our situation on someone else or to take full responsibility.

What you and I know, is learned. And while a fraction of it we learn as we go, most of it however, is learned from others. In fact, it’s already printed within us… and it’s at work every single day. But here is an important question to ask.

Where is all that coming from?

Should we simply sit and believe that it will:

  • give us what we want?
  • make us the best we can be?
  • take us to the heights of our dreams?
  • and drive us to the farthest, the best corners of the earth?

Are the teachers who taught it to us – you know, parents, school teachers, employers, and so forth – are they credible enough that we shouldn’t ask them a question, a tough question?

I mean, is what we know, what we have learned from others the best for us? Have we taken it for a ride without even thinking about what it means to us?

Think about your religious beliefs.

About your beliefs around prosperity and abundance.

The beliefs around success and progress.

Have you ever dared to question whether what you know is good enough for you?

Because if you haven’t you must.