are you following the followers?

Do you know what? Whether we like it or not, you and I are judged by the type of people we associate with. Yes, birds of a feather always do flock together.

Now recently, I heard a line from Les Brown that made me think hard on myself, on my progress and that of the people I share this content with from this blog. Les said,

If you are the smartest in your group, then it’s time to find a different group.

Now that’s a big one!

Think about it this way.

How many times do we associate with people with the comfort that they speak our language, that they understand us (which usually means they don’t have the to challenge us or anything… all they do is agree with everything we say or do)…

Yes, harmony is a good thing. But there’s a limit to it.

People who make us feel at home when progress demands us to expand, they are of no use to us.

Instead, we need people who set fire in our bones, people who are ready to push us up the hill of success. People who can put our friendship on to one side and become our tough guides even for a minute… These are the kinds of people we all need.

People who support us with where we are instead of pushing us to take seats to higher places are as useful as a house dog… but even a house dog is somehow useful as he/she has the ability to make us happy, and even more he/she like us for who we are, no judgement…

So the people who are ready to challenge us.

To say what we don’t like to hear.

Even what we are not used to hear.

What we probably hate to hear.

These are the sort of people we should keep near us.

They are the sort of people we should associate with most of the time. If they have achieved more than us, if their words and thoughts stretch us, these are the people we need to grow and become more in value.

I know people who can talk all day long about movies, about girls (if they are boys), about boys (if they are girls)… . But ask them whether they have set any goals or whether they are learning something new other than what the main stream media has to offer… and immediately you become an enemy, a patroniser.

What they like to say is,

‘I like to take every day as it comes.’

‘I have a safe career… so there’s no much goal setting or anything like that that I must do.

But you know what they are actually saying…

‘I’m a coward, and I have no fucking idea what I want to do with my life.

These people, unless they are ready to learn more, to grow and achieve more today than this time last year, then they have no right to share anything in our lives. I don’t care if they are relatives or what, they are of no use… because here is the truth.

When you and I are going to be 99, whatever our life achievements will read by then, these people would have added nothing to it. And because we know that already, I guess we should get ride of them now. No need to wait.

These people are simply followers.

They have no much to offer.

They like taking away… but they can’t even keep what they take because they don’t have a system, a set of values and principles that support such a thing to happen.

Well, no one follow the followers, that one we know.

Smart people follow the leaders.

Those who dare to think different follow those who dare to think different.

Those who are bold enough to believe that they can improve their lives follow the people who have done it already.

They follow people who don’t wait for the circumstances to get right so that they can take actions or make decisions, but those who make the moves regardless. In fact, they take actions because they know that as long as they are in charge, they will get what they want.

These are the same people who care about the kind of service they provide for their community. Because they know this little known secret.

They know that for them to get what they want they’d have to help more people get what they want. People who are ready to learn, to grow and to contribute, too.

These leaders are free thinkers.

They believe in their creativity more than they believe in competition.

To them, to act confidently isn’t an alien thing, or something to be taught by a tired consultant. For them, to act confidently is a way of life. And they feel it from inside. Now dare say that they can’t accomplish what they’re set to accomplish and see what happens… no matter who is in the government, they will always achieve what they’re set to achieve.

In other words, they are brimming with hope and solid expectation. Their self discipline is driving them through all the green lights… because even the red lights of life, somehow look like green lights to them.

But they are still humans.

And they know that.

That’s why they keep it all in the perspective of time.

They know that time ticks away and it doesn’t come back.

So they do what must be done today… and they do it well.

When they fall, or as it appears to the average, they get up, run on, this time with even more energy.

Well, if you see such a person in your field, in your career, or dream path, your one duty is to decide to follow them.

Their tracks will take you where you’ve never been.

Their thoughts will introduce you to new possibilities.

And their energy and drive will unleash you to the fast lane.

All the way to the top.