bloggers: do your own thing

Well, if you are reading this and you are a blogger then I’ve got some news for you: ride your own horse.

If you want blog traffic.

If you want to make money online.

If you want to learn how to write great titles and all.

How to write great content that your readers would want to read.

If you want to have an edge above the rest.

If you want to be seen as an expert.

If you want to be taught about what it takes to progress.

If you want to be part of the leaders of the blogging game.

If you want to get respect for the smart work that you do.

Then do your thing.

Forget about those other bloggers who tell you they can change your life, that of your neighbour, and that of your mama. That is not going to happen in this life. No one is going to change your life. And no one even cares.

Look, they tell you how your website should look like?

They tell you what font you should use.

They tell you what to write about.

They tell you even how to network, who to network with…

They tell you long posts work do a better job more than short posts, so you sit your mind for hours writing that boring, unreadable long post and then wait for readers to show up. But you know what happens when what you offer is exactly the same as a million other bloggers?

They tell you how long your title should be – by the number of words.

They invite you to buy their old content, only this time with a different title… for half the price. Do you think you’ve got a deal?

And dumb oh dumb, you believe them.

You copy and paste all the shit they talk about.

You then worship them at the altar of their sites, hoping that they will see you and throw you some few nuggets for your hungry blog. Fuck it!

That is not going to happen.

Do your thing, brother!

Do your own thing, sister!

You’ve got the power.

Let no one convinces you otherwise.

The blogging game isn’t about coping and pasting some over used techniques… techniques for dumb readers. No. You deserve better. And the first step is to know that you actually deserve better. Then, if you are courageous enough, then you need to invest in yourself.

Know what these smart folks don’t know.

Learn something important about your industry every day.

And if you must learn from these people, fine… go learn and grow and then move the hell on to something bigger and awesomer.

I hate to see bloggers flock to other people’s sites as if to ask for some kind of mercy…

Most of these bloggers are like college kids who simply follow after the popular kid in the campus to get a smell of their popularity. Fuck that shit! Move your own way… do your own thing.

Pave your own path… because here is what I know, most of these bloggers who tell you what will serve your blog aren’t even smarter than you.

If you are ready to learn.

If you want and are ready to grow, faster.

If you want to add value to people who really need your talent… other than worshipping others, then stand like a dedicated soldier.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes… by the way, make lots of them. When I first started blogging, I couldn’t even write properly. But when I got published in the British national media, with a prize on top… I realised my potential.

If you are reading this and you are a blogger, looking for the right  recipe for your blogging success, then here is one: be your fucking-self!

Because if we were in a gathering, and these people would be telling you that it’s important to worship them, I’m sure you’d chew them with ketchup.

Do your own thing.

Learn what you must and then…

Keep it real by doing your own thing.