success is about going all the way

Winners go all the way while losers try to see how far it’s going to go.

Winners, those who get ahead in life, those who achieve their dreams, those who bring to life what they have always imagined, don’t make excuses. When they decide to go for something, to go on a particular direction, they hit it or even smash it.

Fear of failure doesn’t seem to deter them.

Unpredictability of the situation, of the market, of whatever… doesn’t count.

If they’ve to take a path, they go all the way. And by that I mean they do all they can to achieve what they have to achieve. They leave no stone unturned. If they have to work all night, they work all night. If they have to go without food, fashion, friends…etc, they go without. But people on the other side however, and the majority that is, do things differently.

They decide today, and change their minds tomorrow.

They move one step forward and two steps backwards.

They say, ‘let’s see how far this is gong to go’. In other words, they don’t expect to win, they are full of doubts and very little hope. And most of the time they go on to the directions, not the ones they chose for themselves, but the ones that are recommended by others.

There is no hope for them because as soon as the first sign of defeat shows up, they are first to give up. Their minds are not tuned to go all the way.

But you and I know better.

We know that we first have to steer clear from those at the second group. And because most people in the world belong to this group… it’s clear that there is real challenge to steer clear.

But then we must because we know that we are meant to make the difference in the world. And not by following other followers, but by living that which really resonates with our values and principles.

Progress is for those who expect it.

And success is for those who go all the way.

Decide to day to go all the way.

It’s your life.