your success is necessary

I like to listen to Les Brown when he says,

‘It’s not over until I win’.

Winning, no matter how small, energizes us. It adds to our confidence. It pushes us to do more. And I think you’d agree with me that winning is the ultimate goal of life. But I’m not talking about any kind of winning.

I’m talking about winning the self. Winning that inner voice that says,

‘You are not good enough’,

‘That’s way off your league… don’t even try?’,

‘Do you think you deserve more?’.

These inner voices are the worst enemies.

Whatever we decide to do, it has proven by millions that there’s nothing that we can’t do. But then to do what we must do we have to get to the other side, we have to cross the bridge of beliefs, the beliefs¬†that generates those negative inner voices.

Beliefs handed down to us by those who lived before us.

It’s not over until you win your self-defeating inner voices. This is very important.

Our ability to live the life we believe we deserve depends on our ability to win over that inner chatter. But as I said, this inner voice is from the beliefs we already have. The software of thought that runs within us.

And the only way to move beyond that software is to install a new one. Not just a newer version of the same, but a completely new software of thought that help us think faster, decide quicker and develop a better self-image.

This is why it’s very important that on the daily basis we feed our minds with good thoughts either by reading, listening, doing and even watching. I hear people talk a lot of rubbish about self-help industry, but as far as I am aware, I don’t know any other¬†industry that helps so many people¬†shift their mindsets to that of success like the self-help industry.

This is the industry we all need to embrace. Well, may be not all of us but at least some of us who believe in the power of self-improvement.

Self-help industry helps people know themselves better. And as you¬†already know, the first step to making the lasting change is by knowing yourself. That’s,

  • knowing what you like to do – be specific
  • knowing your strengths and weaknesses,
  • knowing the reservoir of powers that already exist within you – your potential, that is
  • knowing how you are connected with everything and everybody – understanding the laws of the universe
  • knowing that life doesn’t happen to you but that you are the cause of everything that shows up around you
  • knowing how to set and achieve goals – because without goals we drift in life
  • knowing how to hope and expect even when the current environment and reality suggest otherwise – looking beyond the horizon

Resources created through self-help industry are so helpful that there’s no appropriate way to describing it all. Had it not being for this industry, my life would’ve been a total mess. So I deeply appreciate teachers and authors who, for a century, have contributed thoughts, strategies and ideas that when they reached me, they transformed me (and continuing to) in a way that nothing in the world could have had the same effect.

Now the title of this post is, your success is necessary. Here is why:

1. Because success helps you live longer

2. Because success makes you an important part of life – as you contribute to other people’s success.

3. Because the pride of life isn’t found in failure, or even living at the bottom pile but in progress, in success.

4. Because there is energy in success… Successful people seem to have an extra boost of energy from some place.¬†People who are on to something worthwhile, seem to carry themselves with purpose, with the pace that says, ‘I am going to get to where I want, no matter what.’

So why have I taken time to mention all these stuff about the so-called self-help industry?

Well, because, even though your success is necessary and that, it’d be great for you to achieve your best… there’s little chance for you to do it all by yourself.

Experts in the self-help industry, from psychologists to motivational speakers, they are all there to help other people get what they want. To them, life is at best when they have helped someone achieve something, learn something that is going to improve their lives.

By getting the help of these people, by getting a glimpse of the success studies, you get to shorten your road to living your dream had you tried to do it all by yourself.

Your success is necessary. Learn from the best and them leave them alone to build your legacy.

Have a good day.