how can you hit the target that you can’t see?

Believe it or not, life is about hitting the target. Each one of us must hit it… hit it hard. But you know what happens?

Most of us hit what we cannot see. Everyday we wake up, go to work… or do some work and hope to get results. But because we hit what we cannot see, in the end we retire and realise that we have just wasted it all.

But why is it that some people do hit the targets that they can’t even see?

Well, because these people have not decided for a definite what target they should pursue?

At times it feels like paying the bills is the target. Or that putting the food on the table is the target. But these are just maintenance that are behind a bigger purpose.

The purpose that we give ourselves.

The purpose that is centred at the heart of the greater laws of nature: more to all and less to none.

Don’t hit the target that you can’t see. Take time to clarify your target, your goal, your aim in life.

Review it everyday. Put your imagination to work in regard to this target.

Remember, it’s never given to you, you create it for yourself. And here is the thing, a life worth living it always has a clear target to hit.

If you ever are looking for more motivation, looking for ways to boost your drive, ways to keep the right momentum going… set a target.

Any target would do… but the more challenging the better because you will not only grow and become a better person as you work towards hitting it, you will also save your energy along the way.

Your focus will grow. Your passion for success will increase. And you will be literally unstoppable.

Well, hit the target that you see. The target that moves you. The target that says to the world that here is a man, a lady who is so alive.

Hit it hard.