how do you feel about the future?

Did you know that you can tell how a person feels about their future just by looking at the way they talk and walk.

That is, if they talk more about the past, then that simply tells you why they believe that their past has all the keys for their future.

And if they walk in a sluggish and with sloppy posture, then that tells you how they feel about themselves: ‘I’m not that important and I’m heading nowhere in life’ 

In essence, if we really examine how we feel about the future we will discover that we’ve as well found the answer to who we really are.

I’m talking about our attitude, the word that Earl Nightingale called the magic word.

It’s magic because what we have achieved in the past, our ups and downs, our approach towards the future and even how we relate to other people is determined by our attitude.

Our future has nothing to do with our past. If we learn the skills, if we develop ourselves, if we redefine our definite life purposes, if we associate with those who are optimistic about the future, we can achieve whatever we want to… even if it’s in a distant future.

But what I find hindering most people to achieving their goals is that most people are stuck with their past with lines like:

> We have always done it this way.

> My parents told me I could do it.

> My doctor said that I should take it slow.

> There are some things in my life that I need to deal with before I commit to this goal.

Well, here is some good news for you: you have nothing to do with the past.

It’s gone.

If you want to create a better future, you have to let go of the past.

There is no way you can solve the problems of the past. Whatever the relationship bruises of the past have been, you can close that chapter and walk free to your future.

As far as I can remember…

I’ve always wanted to move to the next level, to the next goal, to the next big thing. At times when things didn’t change the way I wanted them to I decided to change them myself.

So no matter what, I’ve always been super optimistic about the future. And I’m glad to report that this perspective to life has never let me down.

I remember long time ago when I went for an interview to a job that I so much needed at the time, and after three different interviews I was the only candidate left for the job.

And so finally I met the manager for the final interview. I was as comfortable as I could because everything proved that I was the best. But you know what happened? I didn’t get the job.

The manager decided that he won’t employ me because I said that I see myself as a writer in the next five years. Can you believe that? But here is what I told myself: I am going to get a better job than that. And I’m going to get it soon.

And in about a month I got a better job, in a similar industry and this time only a walking distance from my home.

I didn’t die inside just because things turned not to be on my side. There is no need to. I’ve always proved that to stay optimistic about the future no matter what is going on pays off, every time.

It’s the people who are hopeful about the future who make tough decisions to become leaders of their own lives.

It’s the people who are expecting the future to favour them no matter what that they decide to invest in the unknown.

People who feel good about the future persevere all sorts of difficulties, all sorts of failures.

These are the Thomas Edison who fails 10,000 times and still keep going.

Those who feel great about the future are the Winston Churchill who even when their teachers wrote bad and discouraging report about them, they moved on and up to match their inner expectations.

These are the Abraham Lincoln who even after several public fails, they continue to pursue their dreams because hey believe that somewhere within them there’s something worthwhile to share with the bigger world.

So, how do you feel about your future?

Did you know that the decisions you make every single day are revealing all about how you feel about your future?

If you wake up in the morning and go to the work that you don’t like, the work that drains you instead of  growing you, you do so because you have no faith in yourself and in your future.

If you are in a relationship that kills you from within it’s because you don’t believe that you deserve a better one.

If where you are today is the same as where you were 5 years ago, it simply means that you don’t expect much more in your life.

But if you want to change things around, then here is one thing you can start doing today: You can start to redesign your future.

Use your imagination to do so.

Don’t ask for permission… which means you must act courageously to start the process of changing your life to the direction you want.

Forget talking about your past as a hindrance to your future. Instead, use your past as your mentor. Use your past to inspire you to do better next time… actually, the time is now.

And better still, start talking about your future the way you would like it to be. Carry yourself around as a person driven with purpose and guided by solid principles. Because in the end, that’s what you become.

If you forget it all, take this one point from me: your future is brighter.

And let no one tell you otherwise.