the first and the most reliable manifestation (and how to make it part of you, regardless)

Hey, I hope you are doing great!

Straight, let’s get to the first and the most reliable manifestation.

You see, in the world of deliberate creation, or in other words, the world where some of us consciously create our worlds – and not simply by reacting to what’s happening around us, – there is so much to enjoy every single day.

You know, people talk about accidents, about coincidences, about luck, even about witchcraft… and other crafts. But you and I know something else. We know that there’s no such thing as accidents, or coincidences or luck, or anything. Nothing happen by chance. They all follow a pattern or habit of thoughts – your thoughts and my thoughts.

In other words, try this… especially if you are reading this but somehow you aren’t very convinced with the above, here is a little exercise for you. Take your time as you do it:

> If around your life there are people who are usually sick, listen to their words and soon you will discover that most of the time they talk, read or even watch about sickness and health issues.

> And then if you’ve people who are super successful, success in your own standards, listen to them well… and if they don’t talk a lot about themselves, then that’s a good sign… but do this one thing: ask them some random questions, and from their answers you will realise that they talk and think about success – most of the time.

They like to talk about other people’s success stories.

They’d tell you about possibilities, about opportunities and possibly how they create their own luck.

> Talk to those with lots of friends, and you’d also realise that it didn’t just happen… they added those friends as a result of their own habits of thoughts.

So what am I saying here?

Well, there are no accidents, no coincidences and all that excuses that some people use them to hold themselves where they are. These are simply, well, excuses.

But what’s the first and the best manifestation that I am talking about?

Well, it’s your feelings.

Did you know that what  always separates people from what they really, really want is the feelings of the thing that is wanted, of the goal that they are after?

Have you ever heard them motivational speakers talk about enthusiasm? Do you know what they normally say? Pretend you are enthusiastic and soon you will be one. They advice the same practice when it comes to happiness. But why do we become what we pretend to be?

Why is it that we can become enthusiastic soon after we decide to pretend that we are… and that if we pretend long enough, we become fully enthusiastic people? Why?

Well, before I answer that, let me just take this whole thing a bit deeper.

Every time you set your goals remember this, every goal you set you do so because you believe that once you have accomplished it your life would be better. And if you are somehow enlightened or unselfish, you know that by achieving your goal, other people’s lives will be improved.

And that means from your inner world, there is a feeling you are trying to reach. Philanthropist don’t just give for the sake of giving, they give because of the feelings they experience after they give.

Sports people play the games they play because there is a feeling that they love to feel.

People want to buy new houses because this new home will help make them feel better.

We buy new cars for the same reason… I mean, everything that we want to achieve tomorrow is because we want to feel better by having that thing, that experience. But here is something to think about.

Have you noticed that we always feel better just by thinking about what we are going to do?

Provided that it’s something we like doing?

Now, what does that mean?

When I tell my kids what films we are going to buy soon, or what movies we are going to watch at the cinema the coming weekend, they get so excited.

Now for kids and all of us, simply by thinking about what we are going to do makes us feel good. And that’s why feelings are the first and the best manifestation in our lives.

But there are two sides of these feelings: happy feelings and not-so happy feelings.

Before we buy that new car, simply by thinking about it… simply by looking at it online, or on a magazine, we feel great.

But what if we focus on the other car… the car that we drive, the car that doesn’t start well in cold mornings… do we still feel great? Oh no! Not that great…

point to remember

You know what? If you forget everything else in this post that’s fine, but remember just this one point:

Every time you focus on that car that doesn’t start in cold mornings, that car that is not up to your standards… every time you feel bad about it, even when you have a goal for a new car, you are actually pushing the new car away.

In fact, you may get a new car and continue to experience the same drama you thought were only for the old ride.

If you understand this idea, then you will know how to use feelings as the first manifestation to your advantage such that the fully manifestation of your goal will happen sooner and without a hiccup.

what to do with the first manifestation of feelings

1. Enjoy them as much as you can.

I mean, talk about them insanely. Like you are out of your mind.

Cultivate your faith around it.

And because it makes you feel happy, attach it to other related happy feelings that already you are familiar with. Like play some great music as you feel high talking and thinking about your goal.

2. Focus on them alone.

This is the time to forget about your current reality.

Remember, it’s not about where you are from or even where you are that matters the most.

What matters the most is in the direction you are heading to.

Focus on that exclusively.

3. Focus on your good feelings regularly.

If the mantra repetition is the mother of skills means anything then it’s here.

Every day, focus on your goal.

Feel great about it.

Dwell on that good feelings.

And then do the step number four.

4. Take any action you think is worth taking.

Yes, any action that you think it will take you closer to your goal, or the action that will bring your goal closer to you… whatever you think is faster, fun and easy for you right now.

Call a stranger…

If you are about to start a business, call a local business and ask to speak to the boss… tell them roughly about your business as if it was running already. Have fun with it. (One day I was stuck in traffic and decided to call the numbers on the posters I saw… Soon, I had a job interview for a job I didn’t even know about it. But think about it, what if you do it for a real thing… a real business?)

As you talk, feel it the way you’d feel when you’d have achieved your goal.

why feelings are important.

The way you feel about your desire is very important because it essentially tells you how you are in relation to your desire.

If you feel good, then you are in line with with. Which is the perfect time to practice the above four points. And don’t kill your progress, your momentum to the actual manifestation by focusing on what is, on what is not how you want… your business is to focus on what it can be.

You see, feelings are important because they align us to our goals. They help re-tune our minds to the minds of what we want.

Have you ever heard them say that you can take the boy from the street but you can’t take the street from the boy? Well, by focusing on the right feelings, the good feelings of what we want… by focusing on practising the feelings of having already achieved what we want, we not only take the boy out of the street, but we also take the street out of the boy.

In other words, we make a complete shift of mindset.

And did I say that you and I can never achieve our goals if we do not practice the feelings of what we want for long enough to be part of us? Well, here is what  James Allen says,

‘Men do not attract that which they want but that which they are.

We must practise the feelings of that which we want long enough for them to be part of us before anything we want shows up.

Otherwise, it’s like trying to give a dress a gardener with some military uniform and hope that they will be fine in the front line war zone. He/She must get trained, trained hard to become a soldier that when they get the new uniform they have developed the swagger that goes with it.

Yes, you can’t wear new clothes if you haven’t developed in you the person who deserves the new clothes.