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Now, have you ever wondered why some people, with good intentions seem not to live what they deserve?

I mean, do you know some smart people who despite their smart minds, seem to head nowhere exciting? Intelligent people who are kind of stuck in life?

Well, since I was very young, I’ve always been so curious as to why some people are more successful than others. But I never seemed to get any satisfying answer.

And that introduced me to the wonderful world of personal development books… and all the other books that talk about success in life.

Now, every single book that I’ve read has taught me a thing or two that I didn’t know about. So that’s why I’ve continued to read.

I’ve also enjoyed observing others. I’ve also enjoyed asking questions to those around me. In fact, every person I’ve met, in one way or another I’ve asked them about their hopes, about their dreams and about their goals.

So then, have I managed to get any useful answer? Well, I think I have.

People who are interested in improving themselves from within, almost always, live a progressive life.

And according to Earl Nightingale, a progressive life is what success is all about. It’s the true meaning of success because success is never a destination but an ongoing journey to the unknown and hopefully, to an exciting world.

That leads me to this simple but still an important question:

Do you know anybody who gained great success and lost it all?

If you do, I’m sure you know that some people even after losing it all they know how to get it all back. They seem to know where to go, what to sell, and even what to focus on to bounce back to their former glory.

Do you know any person like that?

On the other hand however, there are people who once they lose it all they seem to lose themselves, too. They lose hope. They dare not set goals any more. If you asked them anything about life, they’d tell you that ‘life is tough’.

Do you know any person who fits in this category?

Now, what makes others able to bounce back while others fade away with fear?

What helps a few losers become winners once again, while others decide to take refuge to the shadow of conformity in the land of comfort zone?

Already, I’ve said that people who are interested in improving themselves from within, almost always, live a progressive life. But what’s it about self-improvement that helps these people progress no matter what?

Well, embracing personal improvement habits does the following:

1. It helps a person find rich and success thoughts.

2. It helps a person write new beliefs that know more about success and less about failure.

3. It helps a person on how to spot and even attract an opportunity and how to take that opportunity to the next level.

4. And most of all, people who are interested in improving themselves are in fact constantly cleaning their worlds from inside out. (See the image to understand this thought).

You know what friend, it doesn’t matter what your life is right now or what it has been.

You can change it all if you only take time to change from inside.

You can be the person who make miracles happen, not because miracles do not happen, but because miracles only happen when your mind is in line with your desires.

When you are at peace with yourself.

When you make peace with where you are.

When you are expanding, growing, and as a result, contributing more to the success of others.

The truth is, what we often see, read and hear in most of our days do not favour our personal growth. That’s why if you believe that you deserve better, then you need to start writing the success story you want to see in your life today. But you write that from within.

You use your imagination to visualize the perfect world as per your definition of perfect. But you don’t end it there.

You also make time to learn from other successful minds.

If books are good for you then you read the best ones first. If watching successful videos is what you prefer, then you do that with discipline.

So constantly, meaning… on daily basis, feed your mind with richer thoughts than the ones you’ve known. With time, this will change your beliefs about success.

And when your beliefs about success changes then nothing can ever stop you from achieving that which you mostly desire.

You will take the required actions. You will develop the necessary habits. You will become the person who confidently move on to the direction of their dreams.

But remember, when it comes to success… we must write it from within.