clarity is happening

Hey there! I’m sure you are doing great!

Now, according to my data, people are more searching for ‘the purpose of life’ or for the ‘definite aim in life’ than anything else. It suggests to me that people are fed up living like aimlessly but are seeing the importance of living everyday with clarity.

You see, more and more people are no longer looking for security, for jobs that simply pay the bills. More than ever, people… especially young people, are opening up to the idea that life is far better when lived with a definite purpose.

They know that there’s greater happiness that comes with living this life in line with your definite chief aims.

They know better than the past generations because they have all the resources they need to make an impact to the world in ways that were never even possible just 20 years ago.

This change in beliefs, change in the approach to living life, this change in the direction of thought, is actually making the world a better place already.

Of course, there are plenty of vibes that do not really add anything to the world, but looking at the brighter side, I see so much evidence that the world, if it’s still going to be here in the next 200 years, things will be so much better.

I think by then, there will be evidence and greater clarity that the power of thought is simply unstoppable. That the person who learns how to rely on their powers to think, is the person who has learned how to use the key to anything they want in life.

I think the future generations have so much in store for them. I’m happy to be where I am as I witness the beginning of it all.

You know, when I look at my 5 years old twin girls, I see nothing but excellence as a result of thought ahead of them. They already know that when you talk about bad things, when you complain, that’s what you invite into your life.

But they also know that when you have something good to talk about, and that you want more of it in your life, then talking about it to more people helps line up more of it for you faster… and also, it helps spread your good vibes to so many other people.

I didn’t know any of that when I as growing up. And I think it’s good I didn’t because I now know how important it is to understand that concept.

The future is brighter. No matter what they say, I believe that the young people now, the small children and those who are not even born, have already picked up the better energy that is and will continue to make the world a better place.

If we do our part, if we continue to add better and positive thoughts to the world… If we continue to share the vibes of happiness, of growth, of prosperity, of greatness, of possibilities, of unity, of love, of excellence, of thought, of hopefulness, of expectation… we speed up the creation of a better world.

Better is always the purpose of life. Because always life is in search for more. And more must be better or else, what’s the point?

Clarity of thought, of reason, of motive, of why the good energy is crucial to life is happening all around us. The question is, what part are you playing? What’s your contribution?

Well, have a great day.