priming vs affirmations

Hello! The other day I shared a challenge. The challenge was to make sure that just for one day, there shouldn’t be no other words spoken other than the words that promote peace, love and happiness.

But there is something that I forgot to add into that challenge.

And that is, to not say any complaint or negative to yourself. Did you know that we remain to be who we are because of what we habitually say to ourselves?

If there is an opportunity to grow and contribute in front of us, instead of grabbing it and running with it, most people take time to sit and to over think in lines such as:

  • Can I really do that?
  • Am I good enough?
  • Will they trust and listen to me?
  • But I’m not as educated as…
  • Just look at my weight…
  • Will they buy from me even though I can’t speak properly?

But these are self-defeating talks. We shouldn’t entertain them. We shouldn’t give them any air time within our minds because in truth, all of us are more powerful, more capable than we know and more than we allow ourselves to be.

So tell me, did you try the challenge? What results did you get? But if you didn’t try it, does that mean you are already good at what you say to yourself and to others?

Well, in this post I’m going to add something else. Something that will help you and I develop the mindset to stick to positivity and growth.

So let’s talk about priming and affirmations.

What do you think… which one is more powerful than the other? Practising priming or the use of affirmations?

I’m aware that some personal development writers like Steve Pavlina, suggest that priming is far more powerful in bringing results than affirmations.

I think we can both find out if that is true.

so let’s talk about priming, first

For those who don’t know, priming is where you use words, pictures, signs and such elements to tell, to inform, to remind, to focus your mind to something that you call progress, growth or success.

For example, I used sticky notes around my house with words and signs that I wanted to focus on at the time. And still today, on my bedroom door there is a sticker that says, ‘Gratitude’.

Priming can as well be about adding the rich experiences to your life. Instead of going to shop at the discount store, you go to shop at the organic store.

But instead of freaking out that you can’t afford buying organic, you allow yourself to feel epic, to feel great. And to be honest, when the environment is of the first class it feels good to be in it.

Another example on how to prime yourself for greater good to come your way is to act like the person who has or who is doing what you want to.

here is one: wanting to work for an advertising agency

I remember years ago I wanted to work in a big advertising agency here in the UK. So what I did was list the London’s top 100 advertising agencies and then every day I’d call and send emails to two of them.

I also made sure that I spoke about advertising agencies as much as I could. I would also randomly call the small local advertising or marketing agencies and wanted to speak to their directors or creative directors.

Even though I didn’t have enough experience to get to these agencies, I simply got myself to interact with them every day.

And finally I told all of my friends that I was working in an advertising agency.

Did I do enough priming?

Could that be powerful enough to set in motions things, people and circumstances heading my way to make my dream come true?

Well,  the answer is yes. Within three months I got a job in one of  London’s top advertising agencies. And here is how cool it was, I got there even without an interview.

other examples of priming

People use different methods when it comes to priming themselves ready for what they want.

Steve Pavlina makes sure that he buys himself the best products. Why? Because the best products send the message to his mind that he is doing well.

Tony Robbins does something else.

His morning routine in what he calls ‘the hour of power’ is fascinating. In this hour he listens to audio programs that have a positive message.

Then he reads a few pages from a good book.

And then use the power of visualisation to go through what he has planned for the day.

The result is, after this hour he is charged for success and success only.

but then what about affirmations?

Is it better to put a sticker on your walls and doors and even in you car with that important statement?

Or, is it better to just set time each morning, afternoon and evening to say that same sentence over and over again?

You see, affirmations are powerful – whether you agree or not.

In fact, every single day all of us offer some kind of affirmations.

For example, there is an opportunity to grow and contribute more in front of us and what do we do?

Well, those of us who think we can take that opportunity to the next level say things like:

  • This is another time for me to make the difference.
  • I’m good at this.
  • And I’m going to do it well.

But for those who think they aren’t good enough, they affirm in their minds with words like:

  • If I do this I might fail.
  • And I don’t think it’s as good as it looks.
  • I will wait for a little while before I decide.

All these are some kind of affirmations. They too bring us the results. In fact, they bring the exact match to us.

If they suggest doubt, then failure is guaranteed. If they suggest hopefulness and expectation then success is in the horizon.

For those who agree with me that affirmations work wonders know for sure that it’s important to write a few statements in the present tense and then affirm them every day.

but why are affirmations important?

Because affirmations help develop new beliefs within us.

It’s known that most of us operate on autopilot as much as 98% of the time.

That is, we use our subconscious minds most of the time than we know.

Every habit that we develop takes its seat at the back of our minds and always work when it’s needed without a need in our part to relearn these habits.

For example, I haven’t ridden my bicycle since the summer of 2014. But I know if I go right now to my bike in the garage, I will not have forgotten how to ride it.

The same is with cars. At first it’s tough. I remember when I first started to learn how to drive, I couldn’t even look at the passenger sitting next to me. I couldn’t even read the signs, that’s how uncomfortable it was.

But today, I don’t even have to think about it. I just sit there and drive the damn thing.

My feet used to sort of feel uncomfortable with this driving thing. But now, I think they love it.

That’s what affirmations do to our minds… to our beliefs.

The words we repeat over and over again, in time, grabs a seat in our minds in terms of habits of thought.

And as we are the creatures of habit, as we are the result of thought, then you can plainly see why after these affirmations become one with us, it becomes easier for us to achieve what we want.

Let me give you one personal example about affirmations.

Years ago when I wanted to be a writer, I had a strong desire to but some reason I didn’t know how to.

But then ode day, I remember I said to my friend, I’d like to be a writer. And that was the beginning of me becoming a writer. But then I had another huddle to jump.

It felt so awkward to tell people that I was a writer. Even after I had taken the course and I was already writing, but somehow I felt a bit uneasy telling those who didn’t know that I decided to walk away from accounting to becoming a writer.

In fact, the question in my mind was, when should I feel comfortable with this title? Is it when I have gotten paid for doing it? Is it when I get published in a mainstream media? I wasn’t sure! That’s when I decided to use the power of affirmations.

I told everyone I met that I was a writer, regardless of how uncomfortable it felt at first. I didn’t care if they have seen what I have written or not… I just kept telling them that I’m a writer. And you know what the funny thing is.

Immediately, I started to act like one. I read a lot more than before. I went to writers meeting. I spent more time in the library. And most of all, I started to keep notebooks about ideas as so many of them started to flow.

And so what exactly was my affirmation?

‘I’m an a writer.’

And it wasn’t long before I was published in the national print media for writers where I also won a good prize for writing something awesome.

So, affirmations work and priming also work.

Now, which one is better? Priming or affirmations?

Well, if you really want to improve your results and your life in general, I’d suggest that you use both of them.

For example, dress like you are successful and see how you feel – that’s priming. And at the same speak rich words of success as affirmations and repeat them every single day.

The thing is, affirmations don’t work for most people because while they affirm about prosperity, about business success, about what they really really want, they are also priming themselves for the opposite.

They cringe as they spend money on themselves. They buy poor quality goods and services. They practice their business affairs with the tune of mediocrity.

How do you expect your affirmations to work, while inside you are all the vibes that don’t support your growth, your excellence?

I believe in using both of them for maximum results. But I must admit that, I use more affirmations than priming. I think the reason is, affirmations work for me very fast. Sometimes in just the matter of hours.

I remember one day I wanted some money to move my project forward and I kept affirming that,

‘Every day and in every way I growing more and more financially prosperous.’

And the next day, without a notice, I found out that one of my credit balances had immensely increased. I was like, what? That’s so quick!

So both affirmations and priming work. And I think you’d agree with me that it’s wise to use them both to help us grow and reach the heights of our dreams.

Well, have a great day!