#success: not without a goal, not without a stick-to-it-tiveness spirit

Hello and welcome to joshprogress.com.

You know what?

The difference between those who get somewhere in life and those who don’t is simply this: goals.

Those who succeed in life have a specific goal they want to achieve. They decide to do all it takes to achieve that goal.

If it’s to work long hours, they work long hours.

If it’s to make 100 phone calls every day, they make 110 phone calls every day.

If it’s to go without so as to achieve that goal, they go without and ultimately they achieve their goal.

One of the famous speakers of the 20th century is Earl Nightingale. In almost all of his famous speeches, The Strangest Secret being one of them, he says this:

‘People who have goals succeed because they know where they’re going. It’s that simple.

Yes, it’s that simple.

But you know what?

Most people don’t have goals. Most people simply drift along. Most people have no idea what their next port would be… so they sail all their lives without ever arriving at any harbour.

But because you are reading this, I know that’s not you.

I know that drifters never drift well enough to make it to something as worthwhile as this. Yes, they drift but the thing is the tides of life aren’t that kind that they will one day lead them to a safe harbour.

In other words, they are the results of their thoughts, and thoughts of a drifter are thoughts to drift some more.

So let’s now leave the drifters to one side. As we already know that we are heading to some specific port, as we already know that we are aiming at something specific, we also know that we have a task to remain on the right track.

And that’s the difficult part.

Let’s take an example of a ship captain sailing to port B. 99% of his journey, he can’t even see the damn port? So what does he do?

The captain keeps going.

He from time to time change his surroundings to make sure that he still is in the direction that will take him to the port B.

He can’t simply sleep and hope that the ship will make it there on its own. He can’t even delegate his role to someone else. If his vessel has to reach the safe harbour, then he must stay alert.

But we know that the seas are not always smooth. So the captain has to focus when it’s quite, and has to stay focused even when things aren’t that smooth.

in the seas of life

As sailors, as captains of our sails, we have to stay on guard, we must confidently keep moving in the direction of our dreams.

Yes, there is a chance that a storm will hit the vessel as we sail towards our goals. But we must keep the momentum going. Fear of failure shouldn’t stop us from sailing to the next port.

So to sail, we must.

And as we sail along, we must feed our minds with the thoughts that will support us to remain in motion no matter what.

That’s the goal of this site.

That’s why I’ve started proudgoals.com.

It’s my promise to you that I will only share with you only that which will help you reach your goals.

Achieving those goals will make you proud. And  know that.

That’s why I’ve decided to dedicate my work in this site to helping you to stay in the pace of progress that will surely bring you the results that you will be proud of.

There will be products to help you stay healthy.

There will be products to help you shape up to that beautiful body.

There will be products and services that are going to help you achieve your business goals.

There will be events that will help you meet the best and therefore an opportunity to learn from them as well.

If you have a goal, I will be your companion to achieving it – achieving it faster, if you will.

Let’s do this together.

Let’s support each other.

Let’s move forward.

Let’s embrace the attitude of progress.

Are you ready?