your wish is my command

Isn’t it great knowing that everything that happens and shows up in our lives does so in response to our thoughts and emotions?

This is a fantastic concept. And I really love it.

In fact, it is this concept that reassures us that there are no accidents in life. The concept that I think is very important to understand.

It’s important because the moment we begin to understand it, we begin to understand that if we do things in a certain way we will surely get certain results.

This is the foundation of the law of cause and effect.

The law that says everything has a cause whether we know it or not.

And that if we want certain effects or results we only have to engage ourselves in their equivalent causes.

Therefore whatever happens in our lives happens because we have attracted it to us.

There are no accidents.

There are no coincidences.

But there’s an intelligent order in the lines of cause and effect.

It doesn’t matter whether we are deliberate creators or simply reactive creators.

It doesn’t matter because the the law of cause and effect is inflexible, favours no one and works whether we know it or we don’t.

So it’s important that we know and understand it. This helps us create our worlds the way we want it.

And it also helps us avoid the mistakes that we might otherwise have fallen into had we not known the law.

So in other words, we are in control of what shows up.

Personal development as an industry is built by people who understand this law.

The motivational speakers for example, dare tell their clients that,

If anyone can do it, you can do it, too.

But there is something more most of these professionals don’t say.

Something even more important.

And that is, the physical world that we wish to experience must be experienced within us first before we can experience it in what we call reality.

The reason this concept is important is that ,when most people hear that they are in control, they start to steer things and events their way outwardly.

But the higher laws of nature say that as within so without. Or the religious books saying, as a man thinks in his heart so he is. That is, to achieve our goals, our wishes we have to work from within.

And some teachers believe that the work to achieve our goals is something like 90% inwardly and 10% outwardly. 90 percent thoughts and emotions and 10 percent actions.

So yes we are in control, but unless we have all our thoughts and emotions vibrating in line with our goals and our wishes, then we have no chance of achieving anything.

This is why social mobility experts would tell you that it’s almost impossible to move up in life for most people because, while they have almost the same knowledge and access to resources as those at the top, the challenge lies in one crucial area:

The ability to move up in life from within, first.

No wonder Emerson wrote that the most difficult job for a man is to think.

To make your wishes come true, work first on how you feel about what you want. It’s until you feel comfortable with it that it will show up.

Spend enough time with your goals and wishes in your mind and fasten their manifestation.

Of course, take the necessary actions immediately as they become apparent. But most of all build that connection between you and your goals from within, first.

But if you don’t take time to build that connection, then a different connection will develop… a connection to what you don’t want.

And once your mind has thoughts and emotions on things , experiences and events that you don’t really want… still you will see lots and lots of them manifesting into your life.

Take time everyday to build that internal relationship with your goals.

Use affirmations.

Use visualizations.

Gratitude affirmations work wonders, too.

Talk to more and more people who have already done what you want to do.

Expose yourself to experiences that will add more feelings of what you want to achieve. For example, go test drive that car you really, really want.

In short, the thoughts and the emotions you entertain say this to you,

Your wish is my command.