Something very defeating has happened to most of us.

We were taught strategically that we must, at all times, give an account of who we are, of what is, exactly the way we see it.

You ask a person, how are you doing today?

They’d say, ‘Not too bad’. Not too bad? Why not I’m doing great!?

Well, because we are creatures of habit as a result of our environment. If most people around you say, not too bad, then there’s little chance for you not to use those same words.

But what does not too bad means, anyway?

It says, the situation is bad. Not as bad as it’s has been, and certainly not as bad as it can be, but it’s bad.

Responses like these keep us where we are, regardless of how good as people we think we are.

I think you’d agree with me that every time we meet people who ask us how we are, it’s a chance, an opportunity for us to emit the right vibrations that are going to support us bring thoughts, circumstances and things that we desire on our way to achieving our goals.

Most people are enjoying the lives they want not because they know why they enjoy it, but by default they are releasing the right vibrations in terms of words, thoughts and feelings that support their progress.

But the good news is, you and I know better.

We know how to evoke or to bring forth the response we want from the universe, or from wherever we think it comes from.

We don’t have the luxury of living by default, any longer. Did I say we know better?

Yes, we already know better!

We already KNOW it by experience that telling a better story, a story of how we want thing to be like, we bring it to us faster than any form of actions that are lifeless.

Some people still call this kind of knowledge some kind of mumble-jumble.

But you know what, the only thing that’s mumble-jumble is the thing that people do not understand.

Because the moment they get it, they call it science.

Of course, if you haven’t yet proven that it works… If you haven’t proven that telling a better story, that telling a story as you’d want to see works, still, you don’t have the right to call it mumble-jumble.

The truth is, majority of us don’t even have a clue on how electricity works. All we do with it is plug-in what we want to, turn the lights on and off… and that’s it.

But just because we don’t know how it works, it doesn’t mean that we have the right call the magic of electricity, mumble-jumble.

So, do you have a goal you want to achieve?

Do you have something special that you want to attract into your life?

Then  here is the fastest way for you to get there: speak of that goal as if it was already achieved.

Does it sound like lying?

Well, there is no truth that exceeds this.

We have head it many times before:

As a man thinks in his heart so he is.

And that,

We do not get what we want but that which we are.

So if you want your goal to come to you instead of you chasing it endlessly, talk about it as a friend you spend your precious time with every day.

And here is the most important bit: find the feeling of how you’d feel once you have achieved that goal and start to live that feeling today.

Understand this and you will soon forget about freaking out about anything. This is because you’d know that to get what you want you must become it before it comes to you.

Have a great day!