refuse to settle for less than you know you deserve

Have you ever caught yourself getting a bit comfortable with your life? Does that feel good? Does it feel like an ideal life when there’s no pressure or anything that pushes you to the next level?

Well, I hate settling.

I hate settling for less than what I know I deserve. And the fact that I read a lot of books, the fact that I listen to a good number of audio programmes from great motivational speakers like Grant Cardone, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins… and many more, I hate settling for less than what I deserve even more.

So what do I do to get myself out of the settling corner and on to the next level?

I push myself.

I take insane moves.

I make crazy decisions.

I try to make sure that I learn something new everyday.

I avoid comfort seekers.

I walk away from whiners.

I cut free from mouths that like to talk shit about others.

I close my ears from sick minds that invest in talks about sickness and illness.

I turn the TV off for most days.

I refuse to pick up some phone calls from people who like to blame everything and everyone else for what’s happening in their lives.

I refuse to talk about  growth and excellence to people who believe in being part of the average team. It’s simply a waste of time.

I refuse to fit into a culture that doesn’t bring the best in me.

I pull the curtains down from the view of fault finders because I know that if I spend one minute with them… the next thing is, I’m one of them…

And on top of that, I as well improve on my swagger… because without it I’m done.

What do you do to refuse to settle?

Are your best friends going where you want to go? Or, are you being their friends because you don’t want to be seen as boring and different?

Be yourself.

And most of all, don’t settle for anything that doesn’t call for all of your abilities and vibes.

Here is the thing, people don’t settle until they start to follow other followers. People don’t settle until they decide to be one of the gang.

Yes, the moment they decide to please others more than dare to follow their dreams. They think they are playing a good game… safety game, but what they forget it life isn’t safe anyway. So why be careful while you can be careless and that way add to your confidence?

Oh yes, why go for the known and remain where you are while you could go for the unknown and reach for the stars?

Well, my experience shows me that if you don’t dare to take yourself too far to the edge of insanity, there’s no hope for you.

If you stay clear miles away from the edge, in a million years nothing will change in your life. In other words, if you play afraid, you simply play average. But if you dare to push, to do whatever it takes, then you are onto something good.

Never settle.

Even if it means walking away from the known and the comfortable, never ever, settle.

Set your goals and follow them with confidence of a five year old.

All the best.


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