stay alive until you die… let your goals, your drive, your words, your ideas and your passion for progress shout to the world that you are alive

Because if you are alive, well, you are not dead…

And that means your possibilities are endless.

So how alive are you today?

Does it feel like a day where you will move many steps forward and closer to your dreams, to your goals?

Are you ready to do whatever it takes today to move closer to being that person you’ve always wanted to be – a better version of you?

I am.

And I know that no one can ever stop me from becoming what I want to.

Today and everyday, I do what I must do to move forward, to get better, to have an edge above the lazy and the rest, and most of all to take faster strides to keep the progress momentum going.

In other words, I’m alive.

And I make sure that everyone who ever come close to me feels that in a big way.

I’m alive at home.

I’m alive at work.

I’m alive in my sales career.

I’m alive because I believe in me.

I believe that I have whatever it takes to rise and contribute more value to the word.

And that’s what I’m up to.

I don’t want to make friends with people who have no idea where they are going.

I don’t want to have talks with people that don’t talk about success, about more, about excellence.

I’m making new connections that add to my progress.

Connections with people who are hungry for more.

People who are on to the next one.

And what do I do with the old connections that talk more of excuses, of bad government, of complaints, of anything unproductive? Well, I simply shut the doors around me…

I’m not in the same journey as them.

They are heading to the world of doing just enough, of owning just average, of fitting with the short term trends, of learning no more than is needed, of staying comfortable.

That’s not what life is about.

That is the same as declaring yourself dead before your days.

So I embrace more.

I get better.

I learn more.

I challenge myself.

I get out of my comfort zone, constantly.

I improve my standards.

I follow the track records of the best.

I ignore all the signs that say it’s about where you are from because I know it’s about where you are going.

In short, I stay alive.

The question is, how alive are you?

Do your boss, your customers, your business partners know that you are so damn alive?

Do they know that you have what it takes?

Do they even feel this great power vibrate from you?

Because if no one knows  that you are alive, well… you have no chance.