the future is now – so learn more to earn more

In the October issue of Success magazine, Mark Cuban, a star in the reality TV show, Shark Tank says this:

‘I never stop learning, because your bank accounts are a reflection of what happened before – not a reflection of what’s happening now.

Here is the thing, Mark Cuban is a billionaire. So does he have to do that? Do billionaires need to learn more, to grow a bit more… for what?

Well, learning – acquiring new skills, understanding your profession and your industry like no one else, collecting some jewels of wisdom from the best – is crucial. And here is what it does.

It forces us to expand to new comfort zones. It gives us the confidence to do whatever it takes to move on to the next one. It helps us crush the mental boundaries that most of the time, keep us miles away from achieving our goals.

And the good news is, these days it’s easier to learn more than ever.

Let me give you my own examples.

I can be on the road for my evening run but I’m learning from Les Brown by listening to some of his best videos/audio recordings.

I can be in the car driving to work, to meet new clients, but in the car I’m listening to Darren Hardy interviewing Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins and others.

I can be in the kitchen cooking but I’m listening to Grant Cardone on how to close sales, how to 10X my action so as to achieve my goals 10X faster.

In other words, what we think is our future is actually happening right now.

If you have time to learn something today, you are giving yourself an edge above the mediocre, and most importantly, you are pushing yourself closer to joining best of them.

The bottom line is…

People don’t earn more for being dumb and boring, but for learning more, for growing everyday and for making sure that their minds stay sharp and young.

These are the people who can actually add value to others because they not only understand the importance of human relations but also the importance of progress through the power of better thoughts.

The question is, how can you think better if all you know is, well… all you know?


If you are as busy as I am, I am sure you can manage to do the following so as to learn more, and therefore increase your earning powers:

> Learn while driving/travelling, even when you workout. Listen to some useful audio recordings. If you can’t do that, well, you have no chance…

> Set aside 30 minutes every morning or evening to read a book that has the power to give you better ideas, better thoughts, new way of taking action and most of all, the book that in the end will leave you 10X smarter than you were before.

All the best.