are you known for your work ethic or for being a crying baby?

the first group – the losers

I’ve worked in so many companies/industries and with different people, but in all that I know for sure that one thing is clear:

Those who progress faster in their fields have great work ethic while those who make little progress year after year are simply smart whiners.

I don’t care how much you earn or what you do, if you ever open your mouth to mourn either about your health, about your boss, about your company, about your co-workers, if that is what you are known for – even at the smallest degree, then you have very little chance to true progress.

Whiners, mourners, complainers and fault finders have one thing in common:

They think they are smarter than everyone else.

They think people progress by justifying what’s wrong.

They do just enough and wonder why they aren’t getting noticed or even promoted.

But one thing is also true about these people:

They’ve never added true value to other people because they are so into what’s wrong to the point that they too blind to see what’s right.

I work in sales, and in all places it’s unbelievable to me to hear some of the sales people complain about creating massive revenues for the company they are working for.

Are you serious?

Do you call yourself a salesperson and yet creating revenues for the very company that pays you is a hard job?

It’s hard to believe in people who complain all the time.

It’s difficult to even make friends with these people as first of all they want you to agree with their weak comments about some nonsense.

Well, the best thing to do for me with these people is to pretend as if they are not there. If they have to be part of your every day life, then this works.

Morning and complaining is life a virus, the more you listen to them, the sooner you will be part of the gang.

So it’s good to learn to steer clear from all sorts of fault-finders.

the second group – the winners

But then again, in my experience, there is another type of people.

Those who work harder.

They are known for their work ethic.

People who go an extra mile without being asked to.

People who like to support others even if it’s not their business.

People who grind to their very best.

People who like all sorts of challenges thrown at them.

They know that each challenge helps them grow, get sharper and increase their earning potential.

They never talk ill about their bosses because they know that to become a leader, a boss one day, one has to be a good follower, too.

These people see a bigger picture.

So it’s hard for them to sit down and complain about what is not going right.

They go all in.

They over commit.

They don’t turn an opportunity down.

They improve their skills every single day.

They expose themselves to materials and people that add success thoughts and perspectives to themselves.

They are never bothered by what other people say or think about them.

Their attitude is worth millions…

And so they work hard to bring their skills and experiences to match their attitude.

They are effective sales people.

They are driven entrepreneurs.

They are productive writers.

They are business men and women full of integrity.

They believe in themselves.

And most of all, they are unstoppable, relentless individuals.

Tell them it can’t be done and see…

Well, which group do you belong to?