5 important questions that you must ask and answer if ever you want to achieve financial freedom

Let’s make this clear: financial freedom doesn’t care what kind of formal education you’ve had.

There are so many broke people with good education – and even with good intentions.

So if someone ever told you to join university because that way you will achieve some financial goals, then I’m here to tell you this: that’s a big lie.

Now, the reason I say this is that, I see a lot of grown ups, who instead of learning the skills and going for experiences that could sharpen their entrepreneurial minds, they instead choose to go for some kind of college degree.

Because to them, to get what they want, they think they’ve to study for 3+ years. Bullshit!

Financial freedom, or at least heading towards it, you need to think like an entrepreneur. And not just any entrepreneur, but a smart and a very active entrepreneur.

So, here are the five questions that every good entrepreneur dares to ask and tries to come up with the best answer to each one of them:

1. How can I add value to the lives of others and most easily make money?

2. What will people happily pay for that I can easily and happily provide them with?

3. What are the ways that I can most easily and enjoyably reach financial freedom?

4. What would I love to create that people would love to give me money for?

5. What opportunities/adventures can I go for right now, that can easily help me create value and get paid for doing it – as soon as possible?

So instead of investing three years of college as an adult, just try to answer the above questions and act on your answers.

This will benefit you more than a college degree.

All the best.

Keep pushing the boundaries.


**Source: Paul McKeena’s book I Can Make You Rich.**