i was lost but now I’m found: from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and back to wordpress.com

How wonderful it feels to be back at wordpress.com.

I’ve spent a few months using wordpress.org – or self-hosted part of the world and I must admit, if you are not a full time blogger/writer/author, it’s better to take the easy path with wordpress.com.

This side of the world things are easy.

> They do all the updates for you.

> Sites opens fast…

And you don’t have to call 📞 anyone and get stuck on the phone for hours trying to pass the message that your site has died for most part of the day.

With self-hosted site, if you get busy for two days or so… pluggins stop working.

And then as you update them, some crash and some disables your site – again.

Well, as I spend more and more time learning more so as to earn more by being able to add more value to people I work with… the best option for me is wordpress.com.

Besides, there is a great community of bloggers/readers who are easily accessible from this end.

So no more self-hosted blogs at the moment for me.

The sooner I get people working for me, then maybe I will end up doing it going back to it.

But as for now, I shall continue to enjoy the great services by wordpress.com.

What about you?

>> Which one are you using – wordpress.com or wordpress.org?

>>> Which one is more useful and friendlier to to your blogging experience?

Please, let me know!