5 sure ways to keep personal progress momentum going: 1. always be learning

Probably, this is the answer you’ve been looking for.

So please, let me be that special messenger to deliver it.

Have you ever found yourself stuck and don’t know what to do next?

Have you ever found yourself somewhat overwhelmed with what’s going on?

Are you now where you were a year ago when it comes to your career, your financial situation and your hope and expectation for the future?

Do you find yourself frustrated with your current job, with your boss, with your… well, lack of skills good enough to help you get promotion, earn trust with your boss or your clients?

Well, I think I know something that if you put your mind to it, you will sort it all out with easy.

Are you ready?

Right… it’s because you’ve failed to do this one thing:

You’ve not been making time to learn and grow.

It’s shocking to me seeing a lot of people who want to progress in life and in their careers, but they aren’t prepared to make time to learn and grow.

They forget that by embracing the spirit of learning more, they guarantee themselves to earning more, as well.

I used to work in advertising, and most people expected to become the best simply by turning to work. I remember one day I asked my creative partner, ‘What books have you read recently?’ As if I asked the wrong question, he said to me he never read and never will. And that he trusts his own mind.

I also worked in retail, where after interviewing the top guys and girls in my region I found only 1 person out of 20 who actively put effort to learning more.

Currently, I work in sales and network marketing. But, while in network marketing people are almost forced to embrace personal development through learning more, in sales… well, it’s not the same.

For most people in sales, as long as they know their products, as long as they are able to keep a conversation going for minutes if not hours, as long as they achieved something last year… they don’t have to learn anything else.

But can you imagine going to the hospital and be told by the doctor that he doesn’t take or make time to learn more, that he relies on his mind.. and that he relies of his past success to help you solve your health problems?

Would you really trust such a doctor?

How can we expect to be the best in our professions if we make no effort to learning more?

When it comes to personal progress, it’s never about the industry but about the person.

It’s never about the company but about the person.

Regardless of where I’ve been observing what learning more means to others, one thing always ring true: those who learn more do so because they know that their lives are in fact work in progress.

They also know that in order to have an edge above the rest, one year from now, five years later… they can’t afford to know only what’s required.

I can not forget one day when a grey-haired gentleman who was driving an Aston Martin told me that he reads one book every week while on traffic driving between London and Reading. For those who don’t know, it’s an hour’s journey without traffic.

This man, spend his time – the time that could otherwise be wasted – to learning more.

The moment we choose to learn more magic happens:

> We indirectly add to our confidence – important ingredient for our success.

> We give ourselves a competitive edge over others – especially when it matters most.

> We also add to our creative minds – important if we really want to progress in the business world.

> And lastly, by choosing to learn more we gain that extra advantage when it come to knowing what’s the next big thing.

And there’s more.

People who learn more see an opportunity in almost every situation.

People who learn more cultivate a far more positive attitude compared to those who hardly learn anything new apart from what they see (and think they learn) from the mainstream media.

People who learn more in every society or industry are found to be the best of them.

They are the leaders.

They are the game changers.

They are the risk takers.

They are the world’s most important resource because without them we can forget about economic growth and development.

But then, what are the best ways to learning more?

1. Of course, by reading books. By reading 📖 great books. One wiseman once said, to read the best book is like having a friendly conversation with the mind that wrote the book.

2. We can also lean more by practicing and exposing ourselves to new skills and therefore gaining new experience.

3. By listening to audio programs when travelling, when we exercising, when going for a walk… and so on.

4. We can also lean by simply studying and observing what’s going on around us. When we see others fail, that’s a lesson for us. When we see others succeed, that’s our classroom right there… That’s, if they can do it, why not us?

5. We also learn by choosing to push beyond our limits, our boundaries – and frankly, there are lots of boundaries that are in the way. We must pay a particular attention to those that are within us – our beliefs, our values and principles, our standards, our expectations and so on.

I personally enjoy learning more.

I do my best to learn or to remind myself what I’ve recently learned… on a daily basis.

I feel restless if I spend a day without learning anything useful.

In fact, as I write this, I’m in the hospital 🏥 with my son. He is asleep… waiting to see the doctor, and while we are waiting I push forward.

To keep my personal progress momentum going, I decided to do blogging and share the vibes of progress every single day.

This keeps me on the right frame of mind all day long… especially when I have to do some selling over the phone, or introduce a new customer or distributor to my network marketing business.

And the best part of learning more?

> To achieve something worthwhile in life as a result of what was learned.

> To be able to do something that I couldn’t think of doing in the first place.

> To have that strong belief that I’m on the right path… the path to even more success, the path to having an edge.

What about you?

Do you enjoy learning more?

What big lesson have you learned in the last 12 months?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

All the best.