telling a different story in #2016

If you, like me, would like to massively improve your life in 2016, then use this simple practice:

Learn  and own the habit of telling a different story.

And that’s it.

I don’t care how religious you are.

Or how civilized you think you are.

Or whatever life experience you’ve stacked up so far.

If you haven’t learnt to tell a different story about you and all that is around you, then you are simply walking in circles.

> Complain about the people around you and remember this:

You are simply embracing negative vibes that will hurt you more than help you.

> Talk more about your failures and block your doors to success you deserve.

Talk more about the difficulties you’ve had so far in your life – because you want people to feel your pain –  well, remember that you are simply inviting the samedifficulties to your life today.

it’s such a great habit

By learning to tell a different story…

By consciously thinking and talking only of the story we want to see more in our lives…

We stay right on the path of progress – right where we should.

By telling a different, better story, we eventually trick our minds to believe that the story we are telling is the true story – even if you fabricate it.

I’ve used this one practice to triple my income in 2015.

Well, I’m going to do it again in 2016.

What about you?

All the best!

Just make sure that, if you’ll hear anyone near you telling a story you don’t want to be part of… just mind the gap.

Contribute nothing.

Don’t listen to it.

And simply mind your own business.

Let 2016 be the year of more vibes of progress…

And vibes of progress, only.