Mark Cuban (@mcuban): in life, you only have to be right once


That’s how I feel about 2016.

But why?

Because I’m on the right bath.

Because I’ve chosen to path of continuous personal improvement.

And not the improvement that happens once in a while…

This have got the daily routine.

Before I go to bed, before I run out of my house, before I write another blog post, before I sell another service, another product… before doing what I’m meant and choose to do I do this one thing:

I learn something new.

I push my boundaries.

I own the winner’s mentality.

I add to my rich thoughts some more vibes of progress.

And then I go for it.

I’m not scared of failing – not any more.

I don’t care what people think – not at all.

I don’t do a thing for others – being selfish here.

So I do it all for myself.

This year, this 2016, show me a path that might lead to success and I’ll jump right in –  no matter what setbacks are ahead of me.

You see, setbacks, failures, are there for a reason.

They try you to see whether you are serious enough.

They poke you to see whether you are ready for more.

And while most people will be taking the path of conformity, while most people will be doing the same shit they’ve always been doing – and hoping to get somewhere, I will, and I’m already doing it differently.

I go all in.

I’m ready to fail.

Embarrassment? I’m ready for it.

Ridicule? Bring it on.

But no matter what, when 2016 is done, I’ll have 10x’ed my income.

I’ve done it in 2015… and I’m ready to explore a bit more in 2016.

I’m ready to do whatever it takes to move up the ladder.

I’m ready to do whatever it takes to have an edge above the rest.

And I know I already have that edge because:

I take time to learn and grow.

I understand how to leverage the higher laws of nature.

So catch me if you can!

Talk shit, and I’ll continue to smash it.

Put more huddles in front of me and I’ll get smarter, more driven and stay relentless.

Because according to billionaire Mark Cuban, as long as I keep learning and growing… then embrace failure because in life, no one cares about my failures, and no one keep records, anyway.

Mark likes to say,

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, because you only need to be right once, and then everyone thinks you are a genius.

And for the record, do you know what music does this billionaire likes to listen?

Well, what else other than hip-hop – the the music of entrepreneurship.

What are your 2016 plans and visions?

All the best!


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