the ultimate survival skill: nothing happens until somebody sells something

When it comes to selling, I think kids are the best.

My four-year old son the other day showed me a page full of toys and asked with a warm smile:

‘Daddy, which toy would you like to buy for me?’

I was blown away.

He didn’t say,

‘If I show you a toy are you going buy me one?

He didn’t cry and say,

‘Daddy, daddy… buy me a toy…!’

He had this strong faith when it comes to me buying him a toy. All I had to do is choose from the options given.

Now as a sales person, I know for sure that nothing happens until somebody sells something.

And I think sales is most important skill in the world.

Politicians sell their sick ideas to the public all the time.

Parents sell the importance of living a great life to their children.

Teachers sell education to their students.

A man sells his world to a beautiful lady.

We all sell.

And without selling nothing really happens.

But then why is it that people don’t like to be called sales people?

Most people relate sales people to people who are simply greedy and cares less for other people.

But as far as I’m aware, a good sales person cares, understands customer’s needs, and therefore he/she does all that’s possible to help that one customer get what they want, with easy.

A skilled sales person, shows a page full of great options to his/her customer and says; ‘Which toy would you like…?’

They already know that a customer is looking for a toy. And so they pick the best ones and present them in style.

Since I’ve embraced sales as a way of doing all that I do, life has become more fun, and every morning I’m excited to go out there and sell some more.

As I horn my skills everyday, I’ve come to realize that only those who are loaded with great sales skills are in a position to enjoy the good things this life has to offer.

Now, if you aren’t good in selling your ideas, your thoughts, your products, yourself to the world, then here is an advice from Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad:

If you learn how to sell, for a year, even if you don’t get paid for it, you’d have gained something that will change your life forever.

Selling is the ultimate survival skill.

It teaches you how to talk to other people – it doesn’t matter who they are.

It teaches you how to influence others – especially when it matters the most.

And to be honest, I believe that only those who have sales skills can actually progress in life and eventually bring their dreams, their visions to life.

Are you sharpening your sales skills?

You better…

Because, life’s treasures are readily accessible to those who master the art of selling.

And remember, if the other person doesn’t do what you want them to do…

If you don’t get elected as a leader.

If your children don’t listen to what you teach them.

If you fail to get that job, to win that client.

Then sales must go on.

It must go on until you close the deal.

Until you get what you want.

Call that persistent.

And hey, all the best.