reading: has the power to lift you up closer and in the direction of your dreams

Written words.

Have the power to change lives.

And let me be honest.

If it wasn’t for my habit of continuous learning, the habit of reading good personal development books, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Books have changed my life.

And it’s getting better every day.

Every book I open has something new that the sooner I embrace it, the faster I move towards the direction of my dreams.

To me, books are a collection of the best thoughts of the author. In other words, by reading the best books, we are literally having an opportunity to listen to the best minds.

Reading Emerson’s essays, going through the Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, re-visiting The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles means just one thing:

An opportunity to be humble and learn from the best.

Having grown up from humble beginnings – and sadly, full of religious teachings, I honestly think if it were not for the books I’ve read for the last 10+ years, I’d be a miserable grown up who has no hope for the future, leave alone the courage to move beyond his comfort zone.

As I previously wrote here on my blog, a good book is like a close friend, but also as a wise mentor and definitely an inspiring teacher, too.

I will never forget back in 2003 when I first read Ben Carson’s book, THINK BIG.

Up until that time, I was only reading novels, and to be honest I loved every minute of it.

But then when I read Ben Carson’s book, I was challenged. I was pushed to the very edge by something so powerful: a though that we are a result of our thoughts. And that, the bigger we think, the easier we unleash the potential within us.

I remember the first thought I had was, unleash the potential? What sort of potential do I have?

So in the end, I got a bit obsessed.

Obsessed with finding out more because straight away I felt that there’s more to thinking big than what Carson’s book had to offer.

His book felt like a great puzzle that had some pieces missing. But then what pieces? I had no idea.

So I set out to find out more, to dig deeper… but where?

Well, I went to my local library, to bookshops and… what? Have this world of great books been here all this time?

Why no one ever told me anything about it?

Do my parents know anything about this?

I mean, who else knows about these amazing treasures that are full of practical ideas and unbelievable thoughts?

So I kept reading.

And so over the years, this has led me to reading all the great books from Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey.

But then the question is, do I remember everything I’ve ever read?

The simple answer is no.

I don’t remember most of it, and I don’t mind because here is the thing.

Along the way I’ve added concepts, thoughts, lines, understanding, perspectives and ideas that have literally changed my life – almost over night.

And to be honest, that’s all we need: an idea, a thought, a concept, a new perspective… that can help us push and accelerate towards the direction of our dreams.

Now, let me give you an example.

Up to a few years ago, I was one of the worst employees. I thought my leaders, my managers had an agenda against me. I felt like I had to speak out, show my anger because that meant that no one will mess with me…

But then I learned a new perspective from Earl Nightingale that,

Our rewards in life are in direct proportion to our contribution, our service.

When I embraced this perspective, I almost over night became one of the best employees who contributed the best, the most, and who saw the best in everything.

As I’m now working both for myself and for some companies as a sales person, I love each and every day because I’ve the attitude and the mindset it takes to succeed.

So I push harder.

I go for progress.

I learn more.

And I expose my self to experiences that help me grow and constantly walk away from my comfort zone.

With no doubt, I’m on the right path… And every single day I choose to stay in it by adding more to my thoughts. Remember, we become what we think about.

So yes, our rewards in life are in direct proportion to our contribution, our service. And therefore if you want to increase your rewards in life, you only need to increase your contribution, your service.

Isn’t this one of the best ideas as far as personal growth, personal success is concerned?

How many people do you know, who expect to increase their reward, their income, their pay, without necessarily wanting to increase their contribution, their service?

Well, the other best idea I like is the one I remember from the book  The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. It says,

…the ability to think is of much greater value than the ability to memorize facts.

So friend, as you confidently move into the direction of your dreams, here is a few words that I hope you’d find them useful, just like I do:

Think progress.

Believe in progress.

Push for progress.

Think improvement in everything you do.

Think high standards in everything you do.

And if you don’t know how to do it, well… it’s in a book somewhere: so go find it, go read it.

Oh, one more thing…

Only entertain the vibes of progress.

All the best!


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    1. Of course, if we only get a concept or two from a book 📖… That’s already the money’s worth.

      I really look for new ideas, new thoughts and of course new perspectives.

      That’s enough to give me an edge.

      Thanks, Barb for your thoughts.

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