finding success: on the far side of failure

In the last few days, I’ve met a few old work colleagues.

As you can probably guess, the first question that comes to mind when we meet old friends is, what are you up to?

In other words, ‘are you doing better than me?

Are you succeeding more than I do?

These are questions we always ask those we haven’t seen for a while, or just asking other people. It might look like we are interested in their affairs… but at a subconscious level, we are taking scores. We give no shit.

Now, after speaking to a few of them, I realized one thing: most of them are stuck. Most of them are worse off than when I last saw them – when we worked together. Realizing this, a though came into my mind:

I could’ve been in similar situation had I not decided to go do things differently. And what did I do?

> I moved to a different town.

>> I changed my job – I became a salesman.

>>> And most of all, I kept learning and growing.

These three things might seem insignificant, but the truth is, show me a person who is ready do do them and I will show you a person who is going to succeed in what they are after. Oh yes!

The reason it’s a challenge to do any of these is the fact that most people are more than happy to settle for something familiar, something predictable… not knowing that this is a sure ticket to mediocrity.

My old friends now earn 3 times less than I earn. And I haven’t even counted other income streams that are now about to burst into life and pour for me unlimited, continuously increasing income. I’m smashing it. The best part?

It’s not even five years since we worked together, yes, since I was in the same situation. Their languages haven’t changed – same complaints. Their view of the world haven’t improved – government and managers are, apparently, supposed to help them with some shit.


Well, if we drive our life on a horizontal line, then soon enough that line will drop and if we aren’t aware, if we aren’t learning more, if we aren’t improving ourselves… then that’s the beginning of the end.

In other words, if we are doing what we used to do, what we were doing last year, and a year before that… we are guaranteed to fail without a hope of recovering from it. But on the other hand, there’s a different deal.

If we are prepared…

  • to move on to new locations – even if we know nobody,
  • to look for a better job – even if that means failing big time at first, a better income generating opportunities – like this one,
  • if we are prepared to improve ourselves, to learn more – because that’s is a sure path to earning more – then something will happen within us.

We will not think of failure on the way to finding the success we want. Instead, we will remain focused and always reminding ourself these words by Henry David Thoreau that,

‘If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Are you ready to fail before you succeed?

Are you ready to move forward to the unknown and figure it out as you go?

If you want things to get worse, stay where you are. Yes, think the same way you used to. Keep the same friends. Keep the same job. Live in the same town. But remember this.

Change is happening.

Unless you change yourself for the better, unless you push the boundaries of your beliefs, of your past achievements, unless you learn to tell a new story, well… there’s no more hope to a dead dog.

Finding success, going for your dreams… means going all the way. Means failing a number of times… because in the end, success is found on the far side of failure.

All the best!