this is a #professional #salesperson

According to Zig Ziglar, in his book Secrets of Closing the Sale, he says;

> The professional’s attitude is such that he’s grateful for some of the difficulties.

> The professional keeps records. He remembers what has made him successful and he keeps the same hustle, enthusiasm, and dedication to the job. Those factors which got him started, combined with expertise, experience, skill, and knowledge, are what make him the successful professional.

> He/she is a student and reads good books and publications on selling and motivation.

> The professional learns body language and voice inflection. He learns and uses the words that sell and avoids the words that unsell. (Because he know that what we say contains only 7 percent of the persuasive impact of the message. The way we say it contains 38 percent and our body language the remaining 55 percent.)

Of course, this is not all that makes one a professional salesperson, but it’s definitely a good start.

If we can’t trust a doctor or a lawyer who doesn’t have time to learn more, to grow and get better at it… and so as sales people, we can’t expect to be trusted if all we do is talk.

We have to be able to inspire trust to our customers. To give our customers the reason to believe in us.

But of course, this won’t happen if all we do is work harder on our jobs than we do on our own personal growth, our personal development.

And so in my opinion, a professional salesperson, no matter what…

Thinks progress.

Believes in progress.

Pushes for progress.

And he/she is unstoppable.