selling: let it not be a swear word…

Is selling a swear word?

I mean, it looks like to most people selling isn’t something to really talk about.

I know this because some of my readers have stopped visiting my site simply because I don’t talk/write more about the law of attraction like I used to. And I also know this because here in the UK, it’s better tell people you are a consultant than that you are a sales person.

To them, being a salesperson is like being an eagle to a chicken.

But these people are missing a point – a very important point.

The truth is no selling, no eating.

Our civilization is nothing but the result of salespeople’s work.

As long as us salespeople, we continue to sell, as long as we continue to help people solve their problems by proving them the best products and services – which is the true meaning of selling by the way, then the world will continue to go round. But there’s more.

We are all salespeople.

Everyone is.

Parents sell their values and principles to their children.

Teachers sell good education to their students.

Politicians do their best selling their beliefs, their visions, their grand ideas.

A job seeker do sell his value to the company he/she wants to work for.

It’s all selling.

If we want people to support our ideas, our ideals, our vision, our projects… anything that we believe in, then we have to sell that idea, ideal, vision etc, with conviction.

So looking at the bigger picture we can all agree at least this one thing:

That being average in selling skills is a sure ticket to living an average life.

Getting better at your selling skills is getting better in life. It’s getting ahead in life. It’s opening the doors for more opportunities. And to be honest, all winners are great sales people.

So next time you feel like frowning at this person who introduce themselves as salespeople, you may have to re-think your attitude. These are the people who create wealth that in the end you get paid. These are the people who feed you, cloth you, bring new products to the market, products that simplifies your life, products that enhances your life.

Without salespeople, there’s no point for innovators to scratch their heads for more ideas.

Without sales people, designers are of no significance.

Without salespeople…

Well, I’m proud to be one.

And I do it with all my abilities.

Everyday, I learn more so as to get better at it.

And I’m certainly pushing for more, all the time.

Because the more I sell, the more I add value to the world.

Yes, the more I sell the more I support life, in this modern age.

If you too are a salesperson, well…

Happy selling!

And remember to always…

Think progress.

Believe in progress.

And push for progress.