#whateverittakes as a way of life

I’ve been following Grant Cardone closely for almost a year now.

And one thing I can say is that:

  • if you are in sales,
  • if you are an entrepreneur – of any kind,
  • if you want more results in your life,
  • if you are struggling to put to a good use the law of attraction as explained by Abraham Hicks and all those great people who appeared in the book The Secret,
  • if you don’t even know how to motivate yourself,
  • if you find your drive driven to the ditch every Monday,

… then you need to listen to this New-York best-selling author, and one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

I’ve bought all of his books. They are the kind of books that helps you bring your gold out of the mud. They are unforgiving. They have totally a different perspective when it comes to business success and to life in general.

The best book to start with is SELL OR BE SOLD. Actually not! Go for The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure… this will straighten your thinking, this book will give you the energy you need to get the results you deserve in life.

But why am I talking about Grant Cardone today?

Well, obviously because I’m in sales… but that’s not the real reason. The reason is this:

I’m sick of living average, and so I’m going all in in whatever I’m doing.

I don’t want to be the best friend of the 95%, because most of these people retire broke, full of regrets, and some kind of bitterness about life.

I want and I am creating friendship with the top 5%. These people make the world go round. They employ the 95%. They’ve all they need but every morning they are still at it. You will see them at the gym sweating. They network at least twice a week. And they continue to push the boundaries by learning more and therefore opening more doors for earning more.

I’m tired of living next to uninspired people, people filled with blames and excuses, people who can’t live a day without complaining and explaining nothing but sh*t. And so I’m going all in.

And to do that, I have two rules:

1. Learn more everyday and
2. Constantly push the boundaries

I’m going to stay close to people who refuse to settle. People who know and believe that whatever they want, they can get it. People who know that it’s not where you are, but where you are heading to. Because people like these truly change the world.

So yeah, finally I’ve resolved to live up to my name – jOsh pRogress. Because without progress, there’s nothing worthwhile. Without progress life is simply a chore. You see,

Progress maintains our happiness.

Progress gives us the reason to wake up early and go for it.

Progress is why we live.

But then again, progress is a choice. Unless you decide to embrace it, there’s no hope for you.

And so to forever stay in the path of personal growth, the path of progress, then I think doing and embracing #WhateverItTakes is the answer.

Everyday and in every way…

Think progress.

Believe in progress.

And push for progress.