the #number ONE HABIT that will never let you down (no matter what…)

Let’s be honest.

It’s almost impossible to stay motivated every single day.

It’s even harder for most people to stay happy – regardless of what’s in their current reality.

And so what’s the solution most of us go for?

We go for a drink.

And then we party all night.

Or we go for a movie.

Or we go for a holiday hoping that when we get back, we’d have some kind of power that will carry us till next time, next holiday, next…

The truth is, there’s nothing wrong in doing any of that.

It’s actually a good thing to go for a drink with a friend or two, to go for a movie, and even to party all night long… But if we are doing any of these because we want to add to our career/professional progress, to motivate ourselves, to add to what we think is happiness, then I’ve got some news for you

There’s an easier way…

And to be honest, it’s so obvious that most of the time we don’t even take it seriously, leave alone seeing it.

It’s so effective that, by following it, within a very short time, we’d automatically stay motivated – no matter what. And on top of that, we’d find ourselves happier than last week…

The good thing with what I’m about to share here is that, it’s cheaper than a drink, and we don’t have to have a specific time and place to act on it – it can be done anywhere, with or without clothes.

the reason why so many of us settle for less…

I know for sure that without this one thing, this one habit… most of us will remain unhappy for years.

Without this one habit, most of us will continue live an up and down life – whereby things work out for a little while, and then falls back to squire one.

It’s the habit that the best of the best have always practised, have always embraced as part of the journey to living the lives they’ve always wanted.

improve your chances of achieving your goals – if you’ve any written down

With this one habit, practice enough of it and the law of averages will always swing to your favour… You will always get to where you want to go.

But without it, you have the guarantee of living to the end of your life full of unfulfilled goals. Without it you have the guarantee that even with the best economy, your own economy will remain where it is… tired and unable.

Practice this habit and achieve a better life than what your parents enjoyed. Because if you ask me, the person who lives the same life as the one that their parents lived hasn’t learnt what they need to learn.

In fact, the one thing I’m talking about is the desire and drive to learn and growth.

the desire and drive to learn and growth is what we are made for

Wallace D. Wattles, the author of the famous book, The Science of Getting Rich wrote that,

‘We are made for growth.

And that, just like plants, we are either growing or dying – there’s no such thing as in the middle.

Whether we practise this or not, we are made for growth.

As I write this, I’m 33… and having done more than a dozen jobs, here is one thing that I know for sure:

There’s no one person who I know who learns, who trains harder to improve his/her career that never moved on to the next, better level.

99.99% of all the people I worked with, the people I’ve known for the last 9 years (up to last year) are still doing what they were doing, are still living the lives they were living 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 2 years ago.

Mind you, all these people do go for a drink, do go to watch movie every now and then, and spends lots for holiday, too… but one thing I’ve not seen them doing is invest in themselves.

Yes, some have decided to go back to college and university.

Yes, some have decided to change jobs, to have kids, to get married, to move to another country… but frankly, nothing much has changed in their lives.

the benefits of embracing learning and training

Now, there are so many obvious benefits ready for those who are ready to learn more and train some more.

1. if you practise this one habit you will definitely gain something precious

I’ve read, trained, read again and listened to so many materials for way over 12 years now. Do I remember everything? No way!

But have I learnt anything worth sharing? Oh yes!

So here is my point.

If you decide to invest more in yourself than anything else here’s what you’re going to gain?

– new thoughts

– new ideas

– new perspectives

– new skills

Now, these may look simple but the truth is, one new thought, one new idea, one better perspective has the power to change your life – forever.

So go for those new ideas, own those new thoughts to the point that they are part of you… and then do it all again.

2. you will gain tremendous confidence

True confidence only comes with knowing more, getting better at what you do… and getting better results from all of that, too.

I’ve seen what other people call confidence, and within a few minutes of looking at the same I realised something:

True confidence that comes from learning, from hard-work, doesn’t brag, doesn’t feel shout, doesn’t even show off… but the truth is, you can’t ignore it.

You can’t ignore it because its presence is so powerful and so unique that it’s just impossible to take it for granted.

3. you will feel unstoppable

I feel unstoppable.

The thing is, most people who work for other people have no courage to walk away to pursue their own dreams.

They will complain about every little details, but they will not face the truth that they always have a choice. If I go to do the work I don’t like it’s because I’ve chosen to…

If I know enough, if I’ve invested enough in myself to make myself better, I can decide to walk away and do something else… something that takes me in the direction of what I want to achieve.

Yes, I’ve done this a few times and I’ve never been disappointed.

So here is my point, when you know you know something that most people have no idea (at times even your employer), you do the things that not many people don’t have the courage to.

You can only move on to the direction of your dreams if you feel unstoppable – or at least you feel that you’ve what it takes to achieve what you want.

And if you feel unstoppable like me, you don’t feel like a victim… you know that you are the master of your own journey. And that no matter what happens, you will get to the other side, to your destination.

This means you feel certain… and you even dare to expect good things to happen when others don’t. Yes, you expect great results when the current reality doesn’t suggest anything like close…

how I normally do it

Unlike most people, my smart phone isn’t mainly for playing games, or for facebooking… it’s my portable library.

I’ve lots of books I download each week… and before bed, as I lie down to sleep I open a page from my phone and read… half an hour later, I’m ready to sleep… and the good thing is, I’m falling asleep having added great thoughts into my mind.

What we all know is that most of us watch TV before bed, and catch up with Facebook as we fall asleep. The chances are, 99% of the new and the Facebook updates have nothing good for us.

I also read or listen to something positive every morning as I eat my breakfast… then on my way to work as I drive, then on my lunch hour, then on my way back home from work…

The point is, I don’t care if I forget 90% of what I learn, but if I remember 10% and that 10% has something valuable for my current situation, then well… I’m moving forward. And that’s what I call progress.

fill your glass with clean water

Like an empty glass, so is our minds when we arrive in to this world… what we fill it with and how we do it, is up to us. But once we are grown ups, we certainly know for sure what we have inside our glasses.

The good thing is, it doesn’t matter what the state of our glasses is at the moment, because even if they are full of mad water, as long as we continue to allow drops of clean water, soon we’ll have a glass full of clean water.

And that’s why I learn all the time.

And that’s why I recommend it to you as well.

So remember this,

Don’t expect to stay sharp and motivated if learning and training is a chore to you.

And always…

Think progress.

Believe in progress.

And push for progress.