self-improvement: or else you are going down…

It’s good news for everyone.

It’s not about the colour of your skin, or your accent, or the humble beginning you’ve had, or any of that shit that people use as excuses. It’s never about any of that.

It’s not whether you went to college, or that your parents taught you more on saving money than in making money, or that you were born in the South (the developing world) instead of the West…

To get to where you want, to keep that passion for life going, there’s only one thing that matters:

Make self-improvement part of your daily life.

Because if it isn’t, then you are going nowhere.

And if you aren’t going nowhere then it’s easier for you to make time to blame someone. It’s easier to find that little nothing to complain about. It’s also easier for you to quit, to keep lowering your expectations because you don’t see how you’d ever achieve anything bigger, better…. Why?

Because deep down, you are empty. There’s nothing to keep your DRIVE going… so you need more fuel/gas.

But because it takes effort to go get some, to refill every single day, you decide to stay where you are… You decide to settle. After all,  you’ve got a good company – most of family and friends are there, too. So why bother?

But the thing is…

If you aren’t getting better you are getting worse.

If you aren’t killing it, then it’s about to kill you.

If you aren’t moving forward, then you are going backwards.

If you aren’t getting smarter, then you are getting dumber.

There’s no middle ground.

Self-improvement is the only hope.

Because once we embrace it, we gain the drive and focus that carry us from one challenge to another. No matter what formal education we’ve had, no matter what background we’re defined by, no matter what… we will almost certainly get to where we wanted to go.

Self-improvement will never allow us to settle for less, to just cruise along, to play it safe and careful…

Even more, self-improvement will always increase our expectations, and therefore propel us to taking more actions. And as this will give us better results, we will then be driven to improving ourselves to the next level – because there’s always the next level.

And so the question is…

Are you working harder on improving you than anything else?

Are you investing more on yourself than you invest in anything else?

Are you sharpening your mind with some richer thoughts, some great books, inspiring audio and videos?

Are you getting smarter as a result?

Well, I’d rather stay alive, get better, smarter and more focused by pushing my boundaries. The boundaries of my beliefs, my thoughts, my ideas, my imaginations, my creativity, my daring attitude… And it’s easy.

All I’ve to do is maintain the self-improvement momentum I’ve build up for years – maintain this every single day.

And as long as I keep going… as long as I keep adding new ideas, better concepts and success perspectives to my mind… and therefore new skills, new focus, then well…

I’ll always feel and remain unstoppable.

And I’ll never settle when others do.

All the best!