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Now, if you work for someone else, then you need to read this post.

If you’d like to get promotion someday, but unsure where to start, then it’s in your benefit to make time for this post.

If you ever lost a job opportunity that you believe it was meant to be yours – but can’t quit understand why someone else got it instead – then this post is for you as well.

If you think that somehow you are smarter, more creative, and that you can do a better job than your boss, but can’t quit get it why they are high up on the ladder than you, then this post has a simple answer that once you know what it is, you will never look at your boss the same way – ever again.

If you are thinking of hunting for another job, because you somehow feel that the best opportunities are out there, then hold on right there… do not ever look for another job until you read this long post – there’s a homework for you.

And also, if you somehow believe that you have more to offer to your company but don’t know where to start, then stay with me.

a simple truth

After shuffling in more than 12 different jobs in my life so far, here is what I’ve discovered:

The most loyal employees are the worst.

Of course, most of them are nice people… and they have no problem doing anything for their employer. But they never add anything of value to their employers.

Yes, they are always on time but they always do just enough to keep their jobs.

They never question a thing, a policy, a new procedure… nothing.

They do as they are told.

They are good people.

They don’t cause no trouble to their employers.

But these people often work without achieving anything worthwhile – both for themselves and for their employers.

A manager, a leader from this group is simply a waste of time.

And if you observe them closely, you’d realise that something is not right with them.

Of course, they are not in control of their advancement… and because they have lots of other friends in similar situations, they think it’s okay to stay loyal and trouble free.

Most of all, they stay unknown to their employers, and one day… at the end of it all, they retire unfulfilled and somehow bitter with life…

and then there’s a second group of employees

These believe that they deserve better from their employer. And so the way to get what they want is simple:

Complain about what you don’t like.

Complain about their leaders – ‘I can do a better job than them…’

Go on strike if things aren’t right…

Get motivated today, and not so tomorrow.

Do more if they pay you more… after all, it’s their job not mine, and it benefits them more than it benefits me, so why bother?

Demand them to appreciate my effort, or else…

Start work on time, and go home on time – after all, that’s what I get paid for.

Constantly think and talk about other, better opportunities out there – but do nothing about it.

Change… what change? I don’t like change, I like the way we have always done things around here. After all, change is not a good sign… so fight it.

These employees also tolerate their jobs for years.

Eventually they decide to do something else. They decide to move from one job to another, from one company to another without nothing much changing in their lives.

They are very good in defending their situations, and they are the experts in explaining why it isn’t their fault things aren’t working out for them.

but then there’s one last group of employees

These go on to make up the small percentage of the leaders that every business rely on.

They seem to move up the ladder with easy.

Most of the times they look average, but get close to them and you will discover something unique about them:

They seem to think more like the owners than the employees.

They aren’t afraid of asking questions and standing for something that they know it benefits the company.

They seem to see the bigger picture about the company they work for… And so they look for ways to be part of the bigger picture – even when no one sees what they see.

And most of all they don’t complain about nothing.

Whatever they say to anyone, they have the confidence of saying the same thing to anyone in the business – even the president of the company.

But there’s something else interesting about this group of employees:

They are smarter in the world of dumb employees.

So the question is, how do they stay smart?

Why do they get promotion easier than the other two groups?

Well, after observing the very best in a few industries I’ve worked for, after being obsessed with learning what it takes to succeed through the eyes of personal and development, here are three things I know for sure that guarantee promotion and job satisfaction:

1. their focus us in adding more value to their employer

Employees who fall in this group usually ask themselves questions like:

– How can I add more value to my company today than I did yesterday?

– What problems or challenges my company is facing? And what can I do to help solve some of them?

– What can I do today to help my company make more money… and as a result make money as well?

– How can I go all in today and everyday?

The other thing is, these employees are more creative than competitive. They always have a dozen ways to get something done compared to a mere competitive employee. So they look for ways to move themselves and their companies, their professions, their careers onto the next level.

They do this because they believe that whatever part they play in business is an important one.

They know that what they get paid is a reflection of what value they add to their employer… so they always look for ways to add more value.

They also know that those who are above them are there because somehow, they are adding more value to their company… And therefore to get there, they know that them too have to add more value.

In fact, they communicate their desire of progress up the ladder of leadership. And so it’s easy for their leaders to coach them on what’s necessary to move up. But there’s something else.

2. they stay motivated by learning more

By always looking for ways to do their jobs better, these employees find themselves learning more.

Learning more about their company.

Learning more about their leaders, their managers…

Learning more about their industry, their profession… and most of all…

Learning more about themselves.

To success in the later, they invest in themselves more than the other groups of employees do:

They buy and read good books about their trade on how to excel and achieve more.

They make it their business to learn from those who are better than them in their industry. And whatever they learn, they observe, they immediately apply to themselves.

And so the more they learn, the more they stay motivated and the more brilliant ideas they have about how to have an edge above the rest at workplace.

They also know that to become leaders is one way of being in a position to adding more values to their business. And so they learn to act like leaders – way before they become one.

As a result of all that, something cool happens to them.

3. they develop confidence that makes them worry-free about losing their jobs

While the other two groups of employees go to work in the fear that if they don’t they will lose their jobs, the third group go to work because they know it’s their opportunity to contribute to civilisation.

And because their attitudes are so high up above the rest, they never even worry about losing their jobs because they know they can get a job anywhere, any time in any economy…

In other words, they are in control. They set goals and work out the right strategies to achieving them sooner than later.

They never worry whether the policies of their company supports their progress or not – because they know they are in control of their progress and advancement. Even if it means moving on…

what to do…

The truth is, so many employees talk about job satisfaction, they want to get noticed by their employers, they want to get promoted, and yet they stay ignorant of these three important things.

And that’s why it’s important to know that looking for another job on its own is a wrong strategy to getting job satisfaction

In the words of Wallace D. Wattles in the Science of Getting Rich, the only way to to get to the right business and the right position one has to first grow bigger than their current space.

This means getting better than everyone else.

This means forget about complaining but by looking for ways to bringing more solutions than problems to current employer.

So if you ever want to get some kind of promotion at your work, you’ve got to add more value than anyone else, stay motivated no matter what, and lastly live without any fear of losing your job.

Because if you do lose your job, you know that you will get another one within a very short time. But you also know that if you don’t get one, you can as well create one for yourself.

So do you want promotion, do you want to get noticed?

What group do you belong to?

Well, if you are or you decide to be on the third group, you can get promotion within 30 days of deciding to go for it.

And the best part?

You will laugh your way to your new position.

Yes, it’d be easy for you as it’d be easy for your leaders to have confidence in you.

All the best!


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